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Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor

Announcing UC320W 2.0.13(2) Limited Deployment Fix Release


Today we are releasing the Limited Deployment (LD) release of UC320W 2.0.13(2) firmware. This release is available only via the Cloud by installing the attached PMF. There are no release notes for this firmware version.  This is the 2.0.9(3) firmware with several key fixes added:

  • Incoming FXO calls to Auto Attendant fail to have DTMF digits detected by Auto Attendant.
  • SIP trunk calls using WorldNet SIP provider fail
  • Incoming FXO call that is forwarded from one extension to another which is monitored by a BLF, can not be picked up using BLF or call pickup.
  • SIP trunk calls that are placed on hold receive music on hold from the SIP provider instead of from the UC320W. 

This release contains only the above fixes.  Those customers who are experiencing any of the above problems are encouraged to install the attached PMF that will allow them to upgrade to 2.0.13. When the 2.1 feature release is made available in August you are requested to upgrade to 2.1 when convenient.


Today, by installing the attached PMF on your UC320W.


  1. Perform a system backup of the UC320W before loading the PMF file.
  2. Download the PMF and save to your PC.
  3. Unzip the PMF file.
  4. Launch and log into the UC320W Configuration Utility.
  5. Click on the Status option at the top.
  6. Click on Devices submenu.
  7. Click on Alter PMFs button.
  8. Click Add PMF from your PC button, select the unzipped file and install.
  9. Click Done to close the dialog.

If your WAN is connected you should see a pop up dialog appear shortly, offering you the 2.0.13(2) firmware upgrade. 

  1. Click Install.
  2. After the unit has upgraded, you must now Apply the configuration for all fixes to be applied.

This fixed the DMTF issue for both boxes!  Thanks a ton.

I can confirm this as well. Thanks to the whole team on delivering this fix.


This has also fixed my SIP trunk on hold issue. Thanks for the fix.

Although now when I unpark a call I only get one way audio from the extension to the external caller, not from external to internal!

Hi Simon,

SIP messaging varies from SIP provider to provider.  We will want to take a look at this.  Can you please enable logging for your SIP trunk (Status->Support Tools), make the problem call, capture the logs and open a case with the SBCS?




so, do we have to start with the upgrade first then add pmf file or the other way around?

Hi blueshcis20,

First load the PMF file on your UC320W, at which point, the cloud will begin to offer 2.0.13_2 as an upgrade firmware.   Then you can install from the cloud or download the firmware image to a local machine, and upgrade the UC320Ws firmware at your leisure.




The PMF file gives you the ability to upgrade to the 2.0.13(2) firmware release.  Without it installed you won't see it as an upgrade option.  So, install PMF, then upgrade.



David Schau

Anyone who has done the upgrade can you tell me how long it took for the entire process?  Obviously internet speed makes a difference but just a rough idea would be good.

OK Iwaited an hour and a half, came back but not updated.  Retried, with no luck.  On the phone with support but they can't get access to the code file so I can try to update it locally.  Discovered the DSL connection is pretty slow here, not sure if that's why the update is failing or if there is something more..

Anyone else have any experience with the update not completing?

Hi David,

It's a large file ~60MB.  Can you provide your UC320W WAN MAC address (found on the label on the bottom of the unit) and we'll have an engineer look at the Cloud Server logs?


I installed the update to our own system and it took about 10 minutes to download, install, reboot, then reapply the configuration. The thing that troubles me with each update is that a couple SPA525G2 phones will never update... I have to unplug them from where they are located (on a gigabit switch, non-cisco) and move them to the room with the UC320W, plug them in directly, and boom, they update.

Otherwise, everything went well, and the phone system is working well.

An unintentional bonus:  Priror to this update, when I would dial by not lifting the handset on an SPA525G2 phone, dial 9xxxxxxx in a rapid fashion, sometimes the first key hit would be missed.  No more problem there.

Hi John,

You shouldn't see this sort of behavior.  If you could share a little more info about the network, it might help understand what is happening:

  • Are your SPA525 phones getting IP addresses from the Voice VLAN subnet when connected to the switch?
  • Is the switch a managed switch with phone port configured with VLAN 100 (tagged) and VLAN 1 untagged as well as similar for the uplink port to the UC320W?
  • What network topology is configured for the UC320W (UC320W routes both voice and data, UC320 routes voice, etc)?
  • Do you recall what firmware version you upgraded from?
  • Are these phones new from the factory or were the connected to another system before the UC320W?



Christopher, sorry for the slow reply, been involved in a project that had me 100% absorbed for a while....

  • Yes, phones get IPs from the UC320W on the voice VLAN when connected through the switch.
  • The switches are dumb unmanaged gigabit switches without any QoS or anything.
  • UC320W routes both voice and data, no firewall in front of the UC320W, goes straight to the 'net.
  • Previous firmware was the last stable release... I'm sorry I didn't make notes of the version.
  • Phones are new from the factory, never been on any system other than the UC320W
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