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Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor

Announcing UC320W 2.1.3(0) Limited Deployment Release


Today we are announcing the release of the  Cisco UC320W 2.1.3(0)  Limited Deployment Firmware release.  This release is available only via the Cloud by installing the attached Platform Modification File (PMF).   This is the 2.1.1(7) firmware with several key fixes/improvements added:

  • Critical compatibility issue with Adobe Flash Player version 11.  If you try to access a UC320W that is running a firmware version lower than 2.1.2 with Adobe Flash Player 11, you will only see a blue screen when trying to access the UC320W Configuration Utility.  This compatibility issue prevents the UC320W Configuration Utility from launching.
  • FXO based caller ID detection fix.
  • Inbound SIP trunk calls to voicemail fail to detect DTMF digits fix.
  • Call setup delay improvement.
  • Garbled Auto Attendant prompts when using G.729a CODEC fix.

Please see the 2.1.3 Release Notes for additional details.

NOTE: The open source tar file will not be available upon request because this is an LD release.  Proceed with the installation of this firmware only if agree with these terms and conditions.


The 2.1.3 firmware version is available via the Cloud  using the attached PMF today.   This Limited Deployment firmware will NOT be posted to CCO.


Log into the UC320W Configuration Utility on a system that has the  WAN connected. 


    1.    Perform a system backup of the UC320W before loading the PMF file.

    2.    Download the PMF and save to your PC.

    3.    Unzip the PMF file.

    4.    Launch and log into the UC320W Configuration Utility.

    5.    Click on the Status option at the top.

    6.    Click on Devices submenu.

    7.    Click on Alter PMFs button.

    8.    Click Add PMF from your PC button, select the unzipped file and install.

    9.    Click Done to close the dialog.

If your WAN is connected you should see a pop up dialog appear shortly, offering you the 2.1.3(0) firmware upgrade.

    1.    Click Install.

    2.    After the unit has upgraded, you must now Apply the configuration for all fixes to be applied.

IMPORTANT: If you are trying to access the UC320W Configuration Utility using a browser running Adobe Flash player 11, you must first downgrade your Flash Player version to 10.  You may find out what version is currently running by clicking  The link to download earlier versions of Adobe Flash is:  Relaunch your browser running Adobe Flash Player version 10 and then log into the UC320W Configuration Utility to perform the UC320W upgrade and "APPLY" the configuration.  Please see the below release notes for upgrade instructions.

Detailed upgrade instructions can be found in the release notes.  Release notes for the Cisco UC320W 2.1.3(0) firmware release can be found here.