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majid omeir



I have customer that we have implemented uc560 but he has weird requirement .he want the auto-attendant in business hours to transfer directly to receptionist and in after business hours he wants to play message and press 1 for x . I can not do this scenario with cca 3 , any help appreciated

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This does not help at all

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I think if you set the "no option transfer to" to the receptionist and don't assign a greeting to the business hours, this should accomplish what you want during the daytime.

Adam Compton

No opation transfer will happen if he made wrong fed in and it has three retry

by default ,do not assign greeting , could you clear what u mean

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The "no option transfer" field is the same for open and closed, so i'm not sure that would work like you want.  Calls in Closed menu would go to that field after nothing is pressed, unless you dont mind that; kind of like, "or stay on the line to leave a general message" then sending to the receptionist would not be too bad of a thing.  I didnt know this option was in CCA, so saves me time to edit a script to add the "timeout" field.    

What I want like this , in hours time redirect to receptionist after hours greeting message and he can call internal extension, really I did not use script editor before it is easy to use or it needs time to learn

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For what you need to do, its not hard.  Just delete the open stuff and add a call redirect.  Then create a paramater: make it a string, with any name, and a value of "XXXX" where xxxx is the extension number.  (dont forget the " ").  Then go back to the call redirect and right click>properties> and send to the name of thr paramater you created.

If this seems like too much, send me you CUE versions and the AA script, and i can edit it for you.  Only takes me 30 secs.  

Ryan Hardy

I always do this with the script editor and send open times to a call redirect, and closed to a menu.  See attached picture if you want to edit the script.

Or, you can point main line calls to the main number extension and use night service to send calls to the AA after hours, then the menu greeting in the AA is the "closed' menu greeting.  Leave Welcome, Open and Closed greeting blank and use the Menu for the closed greeting.  Then you would not need to create a special script, and calls would ring to the front desk in the no night service times. 

Both of Ryan's suggestions will work for what you are trying to do.  You can use the CUE editor to redirect (to Operator) incoming calls at the top of your AA script based on the system business hours, hard coded time of day/day of week, etc.  Or, simply set up night service so it all happens automatically.  This approach also gives your receptionist the ability to switch the system into night mode temporarily if he/she needs to step away from the desk.

Another CCA compatible way to handle this is with a floating extension and night service.  Send calls

to the Floating Extension that is call forward all to the operator extension.  Then, set up night service schedule for what you want.

You can then do a call forward night-service to the auto-attendant.  call forward night-service overrides call forward all.

Adam Compton

Also, keep in mind that Custom CUE scripts are not supported by the Cisco Small Business Support Center.  If you have trouble with the script

, we can't help you.

Also, it will break CCA when it comes to configuring Auto Attendant.  Per the new support policy, you will be only entitled to CLI support at this point and only if you have a Small Business Contract on the device, and you are a UC Specialized partner:

Support policy for Customers;

Support policy for Partners:

Adam Compton