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AutoAttendant Problems

Typically organizations have an auto attendant that prompts the user to press 1 for sales and 2 for support, etc.. If the menu times out or if the user hits 0, the call is transfered to the operator, whatever extension that may be.

Where can that be configured in CCA or the CUE GUI??????


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What I was trying to do was to use a "floating extension" to use for call routing to a user.  But after testing, I found that Office Manager does not show "floating extensions", so it's settings can not be modified using that program.

So, the only way I can think of getting this to work:

1. Create a new phone using CIPC as the type, and name it "Operator" with a new extension..  (350)

2. Setup this new phone with a "call-forward all" to the user you want to specify as the operator.

3. Configure Auto Attendant option zero to send the call to extension 350.

The customer can then use Office Manager to change the call-forward all on "operator/ext 350" to different users extension whenever they want.

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Darren DeCroock

The option to transfer to an operator if no buttons are pressed, can be configured in CCA on the AutoAttendant screen.

Configure > Telephony > Call Handling > Auto Attendant

Then enter the number/extension you want in the "No option Transfer to" box on that screen.

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I am not seeing this option on any tab in Configure > Telephony > Call Handling > Auto Attendant in CCA.

Should I have the ability to configure the script from here as well? Becasue I don't see any place to do that either.


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If you are not seeing the option, it could be because of a couple of reasons.

What version of CCA are you using??  I would suggest at least 3.0, or better yet, 3.0.1.

Make sure you are using a CCA AA script..  Latest is - aa_sbsc_v03.aef

If you are not seeing the option to change the script there may/must have been some CLI or CUE GUI changes made to the system.

If that is the case, you will need to change those items back, or CCA will not officially be supported.

Thank you,


I am using CCA 3.0.1

I have a custom script made from the CUE GUI.

What changes could have been made? I have always used CCA or CUE GUI to config this UC. How do I change those items back?


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I guess the more important question is can you configure the system to transfer directly to the operator by pressing a button?

If you are using a custom script that was created in the CUE web interface, you will not be able to configure the Auto Attendant any longer in CCA.  CCA will only work/recognize the scripts that are offered in the Software Pack.

Customizations using CLI, or the CUE web interface are only supported if you are a UC specialized partner.  But, yes, you can configure a button to go to an "operator" extension.  But the option to tranfer the call if no buttons are pressed is not configurable with a custom script created with the CUE web interface.  To configure a button to transfer to the "operator", you are going to have to modify the script that you created.

Thank you,


Hi Darren,

Is it best now for Jaydien to start building another script in CCA (3.0.1) whilst the other one is at least still in operation and make sure it can be built to his likings?

Can you do that in CCA and then have it activate the new script and turn the custom one done with the web GUI off, or will that not work because the custom one is not recognized by CCA?



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Do you not see an option in CCA to change the script or do you want to use your custom script?

Ryan Hardy

If you make a script from the CUE GUI, a transfer to an operator is a regular transfer to an extension.  In your Main Menu Prompt Options select add action, select a Key press and select "transfer to extension."  After hitting ok, a box will be available to type an extension number.  Attached is a screen shot of a script with button 0 going to extension 201.

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I get that part. I already have my script transferring to an extension. But that doesn't help in this particular situation because my customer uses the Cisco Office Manager Application to change the extension associated with the operator when that person is out sick, on vacation, out to lunch etc...

So if the AA always transfers to the same extension, that won't work for me.

I thought I remember it being real straight forward in the past whereas there was a Transfer to Operator option. I'm going to try to upload the script that comes with the latest software pack through CCA and configure a brand new one from scratch and see if that helps my situation. The previous posts seem to suggest that.

This is the one drawback that I have always seen with the UC500. I understand that modifing through CLI and perhaps not following Out of Band requirements can screw up CCA, I get that. But this is a first for me hearing that modifying the the UC500 through the CUE GUI is now not supported????!!!

Doesn't make any sense. Then why even make the CUE GUI available. Or script the CUE GUI accordingly so that it applies the commands in a CCA friendly way. Just doesn't make sense.



I uploaded the latest script. Still don't see any option anywhere to transfer to operator. I can only pick known extension or manually enter in an extension number. No option for an Operator.

Please advise.


Here is what you need to do:

1. Go into the CUE web interface..  Voice Mail > Auto Attendant.

2. Change the script to:  aa_sbsc_v03.aef

3. Save that change, and exit the CUE web interface.

4. Open CCA, and then setup your AA script with the options you would like to use.

The "No Option Transfer to" field is the "operator".  This is where the call will be routed if no buttons are pressed.

Thank you,


ok. So I guess the answer is no you can't set i up to have the call go to the operator if a user presses O?

As far as the timeout period for the No Input option, right now it repeats the menu 3 times then transfer to the operator, can we change that to something shorter like 1 time?



You are correct, there is no option to transfer to an "operator" in the menus..  I guess your issue was not sinking in, but now I understand...   I do have an idea that may work for you, going to test it in my lab first to see if it works the way I expect.  Will let you know as soon as I test this.

Thank you,