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Automatic vs Manual Night service

I have been working on a UC560 which currently has automatic night service configured on it through a business schedule and am currently experiencing issues. Not only have the business schedule and holiday schedules been configured but two phones have been configured as "Night service phones" that can manually turn on night mode using a specific code.  Night service was turned on manually on a friday and was supposed to remain on for the holiday monday. Unfortunately the automatic schedule overrode the manual night service switch. Does anyone have any idea what could have caused this or is there a way to set the system up to distinguish an automatic business/holiday night mode or a manual night mode? Ultimately if manual night mode is toggled on we want to make sure that the automatic schedule is ignored and the night mode stays on until it shut off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.                 



       The unit is working as designed.  Manual overide will set the unit into the state you want, but once a time period passes that crosses a trigger of the schedule, if different then the current state of night service, the schedule will change the state.  Such as, if your schedule says to go to night service mode at 5pm, and you set the system manually into night service mode at 4pm, at 5pm, the system would stay in night service mode.  But when the time passes a triiger in the schedule, say at 8am, to go to day mode, the unit will go to day mode.  The manual change will only be in effect until the next opposite trigger in the schedule passes.  An exception to this would be the holidays.  Holiday overides the schedule for the date of the holiday.  So in the end, if you want to have the control you are requiring, disabling the schedule and manually setting the night service on and off would be a solution, but not very practical.  Another way may be to make the days you want the system to stay in night service, set those days as a holiday.  Not sure if anyone else has a better workaround, but I have not heard of one.  Sorry Jeremy.

James Battisti

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