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B-ACD guide


Where can I locate a BACD implementation guide for CCA 3.0 and the UC560?

I need to know specifics about how many BACD groups or pilots you can build, what the maximum number the system can have in the hold queue at a time, what happens to the last caller if the queue is maxed out, and if there have been any improvements to the visibility of the queues from the handsets?

From what I am reading on other posts I would like to know what bugs we may encounter...

Thank you,





Page 401 on the CCA 3.0 admin guide will help answer some of the basic questions.

For issues or problems that you are seeing, you should contact the STAC 1-866-606-1866 and open a case with them

I have attached the new admin guide if you dont have it yet...

Have a great night

Thank you- that guide does help.

Now I am a little concerend and have to respond to the client today-

They need all 3 Auto Attendants. They need almost all 10 BACD groups.

Do I have to use an auto attendant to answer the call and then send calls to BACD?  Or can't I send any incoming call to the pilot number directly?

Also- they want the BACD to ring all agents at same time....seq, peer, and longest idle won't work. What should I do?

Maybe build a hunt blast to accept incoming calls....have it's final destination be the BACD welcome msg.

Have the BACD resend callers (per parameters) back to the hunt blast group ?

But then my HLOG key is useless right?

I'm really struggling to stay within CCA for what this customer needs.


I would not use the AA as a front end for all calls to BACD, since the max number of simultaneous connections to CUE is finite (6 for UC540; 12 for UC560).

We support 10 Bacd groups, each with 30 call capacity in queue, so no problem there.

We do not support voice hunt group types (Blast) in Bacd. Just the three ephone hunt algorithms (sequential, longest idle, or peer (circular)).

You can use DIDs mapped to the BACDs and I suppose if the members of the BACD were also in a blast group, and you used the blast group as a front end to get them all to ring, and the HLog may still work for both, but I would suggest this be tried first since I am not sure and not near a lab. But front end call handling won't be captured in BACD measurements (maybe bit a big deal) and calls in queue will not use blast subsequently so kinda half cooked?

Perhaps just tweak the CCA parameters for BACD to allow for shorter duration on each agent phone to ring through all of them a bit faster?

I would avoid CLI for this. You can find threads back in 2009 on this community, when partners pulled their hair out trying to make it work manually (and I don't think blast is supported that way anyway). If you do feel up for that challenge, I would look at ISR CUCME and perhaps contact center.

Have a great long Holiday weekend!

Let us know if we can help.


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