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Barcode scanning App for SPA50xG devices?

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick plug for Locibar, a new iPhone application that scans SPA50XG device barcodes (from the box or the underside of the device), records the different fields (MAC, S/N, UPC & TAN) and allows you to send yourself a CSV file with the data in it. There's a bunch of screenshots at

I've just used it to provision 24 SPA504G's at a new site without touching the individual handsets. You don't need a separate scanner device, it works on iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 models. It's less than $2 but if you hit the guys up over Twitter (@LocibarApp) they are offering free coupons to try the App out.

Details are:

@LocibarApp on Twitter

After years of typing in MAC addresses from barcodes I found it very useful, and hope you do too.



Steven Howes

Looks like a pretty neat app. How do you get the CSV off the phone, I assume it emails it or something? Might be cool for it to have some ability to send the MAC etc in an HTTP request (so it could integrate with some sort of REST API) - that way we could pretty much integrate with our provisioning system with literally zero effort.

It may be worth declaring that you're the CEO and founder of the company that made it though, wasn't terribly clear.


Steve, the Locibar app version 1.0 e-mails you a CSV file. Version 1.01 (about to be submitted) also allows for export to a dropbox folder. Posting to a HTTP URL would be feasible if a few users requested it, and we'll take that and any other feature requests into consideration.

Yes, to be clear I also own the company that developed the app. But as mentioned, while it's a (< $2 depending on your currency/market) paid app on the AppStore, we are offering some coupons to allow Cisco community folks to download it for free. Ping me via Twitter or e-mail if you are interested.



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Magic, sounds pretty good. If it works as well as it sounds then I'm happy to pay the $2



Nice app !
And yes, i am waiting the too "http post/get to a url" feature.
And if possible a setting for add "custom pair value" for sample extension mobility or user id, or ...
And let choose witch value send (in setting)

I imagine this app, integrate to my : pbx-crm-extension mobility


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Hello Hanefi

If you try the app, you'll see that each handset scanned allows you to add a custom "entity Name" - this can be, for example, a name and/or extension number. This data is then saved with each MAC/Serial#/UPC row for CSV export.

So if we implemented a post-to-URL feature, what would be the preferred data format: JSON or XML? feedback appreciated.

Thanks for your interest!


PS We're tweeting updates from @LocibarApp if you're interested.

I'd be happy with either. Sending each field as a normal form field in an HTTP post would also be ok. Something simple such as http://servernamehere/bla.php?mac=112233445566&serial=123154123542345 (i.e. a GET with variable substitution where you could specify a URL with variables in) would also be widely compatible.


Dear Mark,
Data will be send as cisco Spa understand.
Not json, not XML.. Just http get and with cisco Spa "variable".
Your app have full control of cisco Spa !

You can send as json... (Not XML for me), but you must give a "user setting pair=value" in setting of your app.
Let us add pair "data" in setting.
Imagine this : my ext=203 .. If i can send this to a crm (http get) like http://url/bla.php?ext=203&mac=xyz..
The phone can be provisionned with ext=203 data.
You know, "get" have a max of 255 char, then your app must give to user the choose of send all, or not all, or user choose data.

You must provide in your app :
- scan .. Ok
- user setting pair=value to add to http get
- let user setting to post all or some data.

My goal is, your app have all data of the phone ..but we need more, who scan, who is it.. If i have this data, i can do extension mobility with all crm in the world ;)

Realy, your app have a unlimited feature, you can Integrate it with all kind of application.


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We've just submitted version 1.01 of Locibar to the App Store, and it adds the ability to either post single scanned devices to a URL as variables, cf: etc

or in batches as XML or JSON. We hope this version will be live on iTunes/Appstore by the end of the week or early next.

We'd appreciate you checking out the app, and also - if you like it - helping spread the word.


Mark for info and download links.

Dear Mark,
Just get it from apple store. Waiting new version and will try with our crm :)
One idea, geolocalisation and send it to url ? :)
Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPad App

Just a quick note that the latest version - featuring URL posting inthree flavours, JSON (batch of devices at once), XML (similar) and individually posted, e.g mac=XXXXXX&sn=123456 etc.

Just look for Locibar on the iOS Appstore. Appreciate if you could rate it if you like it too.

Best regards



i like this barcode reader which office barcode scanning add-in library which help you read and scan barcode in word document. and it provides free trial package for us in two months. just don't knowif it can be added into iPhone.

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