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Resolved! UC540--504 Phone Ring Cadence

I have a UC540 that was upgraded to SP 8.6.1 yesterday.  Everything seemed fine until the phones started ringing this morning.  Instead of a ring cadence of "ring ring" it is one long ring.  I've looked through the configuration and don't find anythi...

rowseyba1 by Beginner
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Resolved! Configure a schedule for closed hours to force calls straight to voicemail?

My client wants to have a sequential hunt group with a general delivery mailbox that the DID rings to during normal business hours. For their closed hours they want the calls to go straight to voicemail. Is there a way to configure the schedule and h...

Resolved! Digit Minipulation

I have 2 locations and one UC500. Both locations have single area codes (Maine, 207 and NH 603) and I have it so it auto inserts 1207 in front of the 7 digits dialed. thats fine and working. My question is can i force an ephone-dn or ephone to a part...

checking voice mail remotely

I appologize in advane if there is a thread for this, there are lot of discussions. So my question is simple (I hope)So I have a UC540 and I want to be able to have users be able to call into their phones and retrieve voice messages remotely. Is this...

raypjones by Beginner
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UC520 Voice Mail

Hello!Currently, I have a UC520 with some Cisco Ip Phones 7911 connected on it. I am new using this devices, When I started reviewing them  I found  they have configured Voice Mail but I dont have any password to reset the Voice Mail Greetings and pa...

miriamjmdz by Beginner
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Autoanswer calls

Hi,I want to thank Cisco for their incredible products, I just setup a little telephony network with asterisk, cisco switch and telephones and all works greatly.I have just a question, I want to know if it is possible to autoanswer calls that comes f...


I've been trying to figure out how to offset the light pattern of the LED's on the phone.We have about ten SPA509G phones running, but when someone is on the light, or when everyone is on the phone, they light up red on all of the lines.  If a call c...

UC520 version 8.6.2 Voicemail will not work

We have a UC520 that we erased and reinstalled 8.6.2. After installing and configuring - via CCA Wizard - voicemail does not work. If you call the voicemail extension it just has dead air. If you call an extension and the user for the extension is bu...

pvega by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 9971 SIP security Issue

HI,I am looking for a little help with this all input is welcome.I have a UC540W and a number of endpoints all are 79xx series using sccp. only one is a 9971 sip handset.I have configured the unit using the Cisco configuration assistant version 3.2, ...