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Cisco UC540 and SPA525G

Hi All,Kindly i need to know if SPA525-G2 can work through ADSL connection to register to UC540 in the HQ and as i read it can do this function without need for another VPN router in the branch just an internet connection and the SPA525-G2 can do thi...

Problem: MOH for external callers

Hi!I have à problem with the configuration of music on hold on my SPA 9000. I've change the MOH by TFTP server (like in admin guide). It works but only with internal calls. When I put on hold an external caller, he hears another music but not my musi...

Upgrades to Phones

After a discussion today with Cisco tech support, I learned that the firmware on phones that are registered with the UC320W cannot be upgraded past version 7.5.2(u3).  The current version is 7.5.5 and I was unable to upgrade the firmware on my phones...

chris0003 by Beginner
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Resolved! Manual switch Auto Attendant

Hello,When an incoming call hits the UC, I want to switch manually (button or code) what it does.Normally during day the calls go to the Auto Attendant.During night there is a message.During the break there is another message.And they want to have al...

SPA504G speed dial and Hold

We have SPA504G phones with only Ext1 enabled. We use the other line keys to pick up parked calls in Asterisk via:fnc=sd+blf;sub=1234@proxyThis works smoothly except for one scenario:When the user presses (by mistake) one of those "unpark" line keys ...

R-CBE6K-K9 Questions

Hi all,I want to ask several questions about (BE6K) R-CBE6K-K9 licensing,below my questions :1.     If I already select BE6K-UWL-BE item (UWL), do i need to add these item for jabber full feature on desktop, MAC, IPAD, Iphone, and Android?           ...

No caller ID in UK after firmware upgrade

My current firmware is 2.3.2 (6)I am based in the UKI recently upgraded my firmware (my previous version was from about a year ago sorry I can't remember the exact number) and now none of the phones are showing an caller ID (all phones are SPA504G).I...

mikep by Beginner
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SPA525G2 vpn to SA520w

Is it possible to connect a spa535g2 phone via SSLVPN to a sa520w endpoint? I have sslvpn configured on my sa520 and pc's can connect to the sslvpn without issue, but my phones cannot. Error states: Failed to obtain Webvpn cookieCan this phone only c...