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UC320W outbound trunk issue

My wife has a very basic office requirement for phones and the UC320W fits the bill fairly well. The one problem I have come across and I can't seem to figure out is the Outbound trunks. She has a single FXO line coming into the office with supplemen...

Cisco SPA303 VoIP

I seem to be going round in circles trying to set up this phone for VoIP, there's so much informatin out there but nothing that explains the set-up I need!I have a fixed Broadband line coming through the wall into my office - do I just plug this SPA3...

SPA942 cuts off voice randomly

Hi everybody,I am using a Linksys IP Phone SPA942 in the office and when I'm talking on the phone or dialing a number my phone just decides to cut off the voice randomly. Apparently the person on the other side of the line hears me fine, it's just me...

etrauma01 by Beginner
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Problems in 7911G,7931G and 7970G

Hi everyoneI am recently having problems in IP phones I have in my lab 7911,7931 and 7970. They are connected to UC520 and i manage the network through CCA. The confn sofkey is missing on all the phones even though the confn feature is enabled in CCA...

yhargrov by Beginner
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UC320: how to set (correct) time and date, upload own AA messages, get caller ID, telnet?

Hello there, Just trying out the UC320 I got borrowed from Cisco AT for testing with firmware 2.1.2 (1) localized for Austria. The device is connected to the cable modem of my ISP (Kabelsignal) utilizing two FXO ports, getting an IP address from my D...

UC 320w with mediatrix 4400 issue

Hi,I try to set up a mediatrix gateway with my UC 320 .Sip trunk stay ont registred and I think it's a firmware issue.Someone can tell me witch firmware i need?My 4400 si running dgw firmware with à profile 44XX-MX-D200-66Thanks for youŕ h...

lcure by Beginner
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BE3000/6000 для организации с филиалами

Добрый день.В компании планируется замены аналоговой телефонии на IP. При чем решили начать филиалов, а не с головного офиса.Общая схема в приложенном файле.В ДО и РД будет стоят пара BE3000, так же в части ДО будет стоят роутеры с SRST. В головном о...

UC320W & UC500 end of life rumours

Good evening gents first I would like to say that I have been using and selling the UC320W since it was first launched here in Australia approx 2 years ago, I believe this product is great for Small business and yes it has its limitation and has had ...

can't register sip trunk !

here's my problemI have a UC500 configure in my lan network using WAN port (it's behind the router as the other server/pc)everything's was working but suddendly the SIP stop registeringso i delete the sip trunk config and recreate it but now it's not...

datak2011 by Beginner
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Backup of VMs on BE6000

Hi There,most of our customers already have VMware license and use Veeam backup software to do image-level VM backups of any VMs on their VMware ESXi hosts, so I have a few questions regarding the BE6000.  (we are about to start selling these).a) Wha...

Resolved! UC 540 Assigning an FXS port to a DID

Hello,I have a UC 540 and an trying to redirect a DID number to voicemial, so the users can dial directly into voicemailvoice-port 0/0/0 station-id number 401 caller-id enable!voice-port 0/0/1 station-id number 402 caller-id enable!voice-port 0/0/2 s...

Resolved! UC560 Upgrade

Hello Community.I have to upgrade a UC560, the IOS on the device is about 2 years old. And the UC560 wasn't installed with CCA. So i have to do the upgrade with the cli. I download the Software pack and extract the IOS. My question is, can i just upl...

UC540 Gamma Telecom SIP Trunk

Hi all,I have a problem setting up a SIP trunk from the UC540 to Gamma Telecom here in the UK. Our service provider isn't being very forthcomming with information.All the other SIP trunks I have done, use a user/password for uthentication... this one...

dataIP by Beginner
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