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TFTP IP Phone 8841

Hi alli can only change the tftp server parameter directly on the phone. is there any way to change tftp server on cucm web interface (IP Phone has connected to CUCM)

UC500 support

Hello,I have some questions about UC500 and I hope for your support.What is the latest version of the software pack, I currently have version 8.6.2 (uc500-advipservicesk9-mz.151-4.M6)Is this latest version compatible with Jabber for Windows ?Is there...

Btakeshi1 by Beginner
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Plantronics C054 with Cisco IP 303 phone

Customer has a headset Plantronics connected directly to their Cisco IP 303 phone, she has to take the phone off the hook before answering adding an unnecessary step, so, if i get her a EHS (Hook Switch) will it make this problem resolve? Whats happe...

wbarnes by Beginner
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2 Cisco 7821 3pcc phones on my LAN

I recently configured  2 Cisco 7821 3pcc phones on my network with a third party sip provider. The Sip registered on the 2 phones (different numbers). The problem is that when  I call 1 of the phones and is active, I won't be able to call the other p...

lkushalu by Beginner
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SPA504G single active account

Dear community,SPA504G has all 4 extensions set up. How to configure to appear busy to all incoming calls during a signle line activity? That is if line #2 is in an active session incoming calls to lines #1; 3; 4 should result in "busy". Thanx!

zkobalia by Beginner
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Admin password on Cisco cp-8851-3pcc

Hi, I´m trying to configure a Cisco cp-8851-3pcc, it´s supposed to be resset to factory settings, I´ve performed the resset holding # key and presing the secuence 123456789*0# and it seems to be with the factory default settings, but when I try to co...

ald0695 by Beginner
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Listening to music on phone

How can I listen to the music-on-hold through the phone?  On the old Nortel systems you would dial a feature number, so I'm looking to do something similar here like dial an extension or something.  Thanks.

MGCP , FXS - Call Manager

we have 3 analog Voice gateways ( Branch ) that were working fine and registered to CUCM - 11.0  ( HQ ) via MGCP. - suddenly , two of them- FXS Ports shown " rejected" / "unregistered" -3rd one , is fine - - The two which have problems in separate ca...

SOS Phone In Recovery Mode

Hello, My SPA504G is stuck in SOS Phone in Recovery Mode.  I have tried the recovery file for the spa962 document and received a notice of it not being reachable.  Is there a software update specifically for the SPA504G? Thank you!