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2 rings before unit answers

Hello,When I call my phone number I hear 2 rings before the uc320w picks up the line and streams the welcome message. Is there a way to make it so that the unit immediately streams the welcome message. The problem is that I also have a 800 number whi...

CUCM 7.1 migrating to BE6000

I have a customer that is moving from their UCM 7.1 to a BE6K.  The have ucss/esw and I cannot figure out how to migrate their current licenses on UCM.  They are getting new hardware, so it is not a upgrade to the existing servers.  Also is there a w...

UC560 - SIP-Trunk - no incoming call

Hi,a customer of me has a UC560 with one SIP-Trunk to a SIP-Provider.a "show sip-ua register status" shows the SIP-Trunk as registered.Everything works, but incoming calls.Sometimes calls come in and sometimes not.When I do a "debug ccsip message" an...

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Best option/way to setup General VM box

We have a UC560 with about 50 users.  Most users have personal VM but a few will not.  We want to set up a GVM box and set up an indicator on a line button for all phones.  We have tried using the floating extension method but then the line button sh...

525G2 Firmware

Hi,Has anybody found the firmware for this phone? I've been shipped some on 7.4.4, and I can't even find the bin for that version online. I've had a few hangs on the phone so I was hoping to upgrade, or at least re-flash with the current version. I c...

Make call conference

Hello sir, how are you?Look, I am very newbie in the uc560 and IDK how can I make this.My boss want I make a line, as 9980, to all people call and make a conference call. I dont need password and cant put limit of people.How can I do this over termin...