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Make call conference

Hello sir, how are you?Look, I am very newbie in the uc560 and IDK how can I make this.My boss want I make a line, as 9980, to all people call and make a conference call. I dont need password and cant put limit of people.How can I do this over termin...

Resolved! Help: How can I see what number is dailed by the caller? (SPA504G & 2 different Sipgate accounts)

Hi,I am Daniel and a complete newbee regarding VoIP and the SPA5xx phones in particular. I hope that one of the pros here can help me out...My problem is that I cannot see if a caller is calling for number A or number B.I have the following setup:- M...

ghost6363 by Beginner
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Some SPA phones not ringing when in-use

I am using the SPA 504's and 303g phones in an asterisk / FreePBX environment.  For some reason if a user is on the phone and another call comes in, the phone does not ring.  I enabled all three line keys on the 303's as Ext1, and all 4 on the 504's....

jimvman by Beginner
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Resolved! UC560 SSL VPN and Internet Explorer IE9

Hello,I configured my UC560 as SSL VPN server Full-Tunnel. Using Mozilla Firefox 20.0.1 I can reach the login page, log in on it, and download the AnyConnect client without problem. But when I use IE 9, I am unable to reach the login page, look like ...

UC540 UC320 how to interconnnect two offices??

Ok so i have to offices that i want to interconnect with the Uc320w  and UC540, the main one has the UC540, i want to make extension calls  between the two, in the two i have an equipment that provide dhcp to  data lan and the UC's provide the dhcp t...

joshxx1.. by Beginner
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Calls to SPA112 from UC500

Hi all,I have conected SPA112 ATA to UC 560. I can make calls from but not to SPA112 ports. in ccsip debug i see that UC is trying to reach spa trough outside sip-server. I added spa through cli becouse when i add it trough cca it disables sip trunk ...

Setup SPA942 for newbe

Hi,I need help to setup my SPA942, please?My boss just got 4 stations and I need to give each station a number that we can call to talk and also to transfer calls to that station. Also I need to see on my station if the station I whant to transfer to...

SPA phones deregistering seemingly randomly

We have a separate network set aside for our IP phones.  The only thing beside the phones is a server to log into the phones through http.There are potentially 60 (48 plugged in right now) phones, each of which registers via SIP to a remote server.  ...

persiteIT by Beginner
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