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SPA525G2 To CUCM...

Hey guys,I've hooked up a SPA525G2 to our CUCM...  as a 3rd party SIP device.  It runs great.  with one extension hooked up to it.How do I add a second extension to the phone?  I setup EXT2 as I did with EXT1... I also setup EXT2 as I did with EXT1 i...

dslusher04 by Beginner
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Resolved! Meet me and Ad hoc conference problem

Hi all,I am trying to establish a meet me conference (is the first time) but not work. I have a button on my phone and I have enabled conference bridge under Sites.When I try to start meet me room, the phone says "unable to configure conference"  I d...

david.sua by Beginner
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SPA Language

Hello All,in the latest firmware i have the issue that some phones do not load there lang file and use it.the web interface stated "Deutsch" (german) for example bit the phone has chosen Italian.I can not replicate this at any time but i found "Local...

SPA 502G User Password

According to the user manual the SPA 502 G  phone has a field - Settings>password that can be set to stop missuse of the phone. I have  gone in and put a password in which seems to register with a small Lock in the  top corner in a "Locked" position....

caller ID per Call block code

Hi Guys, I have a UC540 with SIP Trunk porgrammed.  I configured "caller ID per Call block code"   as "*111"  in CCA   (Configure-->Telephony->Dial Plan->Outgoing->Caller ID" , then I tried calling outside line from a  Cisco SPA500 phone  by dialing ...

Outgoing call matching inbound DID

Hi,I have a problem with outgoing calls to certain destinations.We have UC560 with PRI circuit and extensions range of 4XX.For direct dials telco sends did in four digit format which is 94XX - last for digits of actual phone number.We also use 9 as a...

UC560 CDR FTP Config

HiI have a UC-560 and I want to send automaticaly the CDR for all outgoing call to the FTP server.i have config the UC560 as follows:gw-accounting file primary ftp username CDR password <removed> acct-template callhistory-detai...

level_3rd by Beginner
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Resolved! Check-Sync to change Profile_Rule

Hello Guys,can i send to an Cisco SPA XXX a check sync with ua-profile?I need to update the prov. link from http://yyyyyyyyy/$MA to http://xxxxxxxxxx/$MAI know i could use an http get /resync with the new path but like to keep it to sip...

Cisco SPA525g2 ssl vpn to Cisco ASA

Hello GuysI have a Cisco UC540 and Im planning to buy a ASA 5505.I would like to register a remote phone (SPA525) to the UC540 but the ssl VPN is going to be establish between the Phone and the ASA. Is this possible without any extra licensing?I have...

diego_ers by Beginner
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