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uc560 voicemail software

Can anyone tell me if having a technican come on site to upgrade the voicemail software is covered under the rapid response contrat                  

craig by Beginner
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Resolved! VG224 and UC560

Hi all,I would like to know if VG224 is supported by UC560. If not, how can I deploy analogue phones with UC560 for phone control and how should I lincense the UC560?Regards,bruno Almeida

balmeida by Beginner
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UC520 Vitelity.net configuration

You guys have probably seen this thousands of times, but I cannot seem to figure it out.I have an account at vitelity.net and I am trying to setup the trunk on my UC520. the UC520 is connected directly to the internet (i.e. dynamic ip with no firewal...

icewulfie by Beginner
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New Features?

Just a very quick one directed to the Cisco staffers.I've noticed quite a few threads regarding new features in which whatever feature is being requested, we are told that, it's being re-evaluated and/or not likely to be implemented in the short term...

voicemail setup questions

is there a way to setup:1) phantom voicemail boxes., that is voicemail with no associated phone?2) announce only Auto Attendant option, for example "for cancellation information, press x"i've not seen any way to accomplish these tasksthanks in advanc...

jbarrow by Beginner
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Multisite P2P and VPN no audio UC560

There are 5 sites, 1 main site and 4 satellite sites. 3 sites with VPN connectivity to main site and 1 with a P2P to the main site.Dial peers have been added for calls between sites. Main site can call all sites no problem.P2P site can only call main...

Dan Smith by Beginner
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