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The second line call can't hang up

Hi, do any of you guys experience the second line problem with UC320 and SPA 512GI setup the uc320 with a customer for 20 phone users(SPA512G), now some of them are complaining that when they are in conversation in the first line, the second line dia...

apple0007 by Beginner
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BE3K Feature Wish List

First off, I would like to say my last post was filled with alot of anger and fustration, and admittedly not as productive to the Cisco dev team, or the BU and for this I apologise, however as a the Senior lead UC specialist of my organisation, and b...

chrisq128 by Beginner
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SPA504 Firmware Update Issue

                   While upgrading a call center from firmware version 7.5.1a to 7.5.2b I have phones that request a reboot for provisioning(4) but seem to get stuck at this point and do not respond to reboot commands.  I end up having to have the cu...

504G - lights on, cannot provision

   Hi, I have a Cisco SPA504G that needs to be re-provisioned.  I see 3 lights on (see attachment):Red Microphone Mute button                Green Headset buttonGreen Hands Free buttonThe display is dark, none of the other buttons work, I cannot get ...

foxlumber by Beginner
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Resolved! Billing application for UC500

Hi,We have UC560 with SIP trunk in our enterprise. We use different DID for each department. Now, we want to differenciate calls from every department to evaluate costs and to know what each department needs exactly. I thought to intengrate a third-p...

UC520 hang up

Hi all, We are having issues with UC520, where it gets hang when I run any debug commands.Once I reboot it everything works fine but stops working after some hours. I am not able to figure out what could be the issue.Any help is much appreciated

UC320W FXS port and wireless handsets

Is anyone else experiencing issues with the UC320W and the FXS port? I'm on my second replacement for the UC320 (3rd unit in total) due to the FXS port failing and it is now causing issues again rendering the Uniden cordless handsets inoperable on th...