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UC560 MOH missing

I have recently installed a brand new UC560 with the latest software pack.  The phone system is working flawlessly, however there is no music on hold.  When a call is placed on hold there is just a faint ticking sound.  I have made sure that the corr...

Resolved! FXS Default when engaged, used for Fax

Hello,I have a UC320W uisng SIP trunks and I have an issue with my FAX number.  I have configured a Fax user, assigned it the number and assigned the user to the FXS phone.  Under call forwarding I have configured the "Call Forward Busy/No Answer" op...

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Multiple SIP Trunks with UC520

I wanted to know when there will be multiple SIP trunks on the UC520 (command line or CCA -- don't care which)?  I've seen a document http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/ios/voice/sip/configuration/guide/sip_cg-multi-registrars.htmlbut I don't think it w...

Hunt group: First Available

Hi,For a BACD, is there a way to change the Hunt Group Type to 'First Available' (Asterisk terminology)?The call flow is as follows:Call rings on receptions phone on a shared extension (301). If that is busy transfers to BACD (pilot 501).Members of t...

маршрутизация и АОН звонков

подскажите как решить следующие проблемы:1) как настроить маршрутизацию внешних вызовов (есть внешние номера n-шт входящие с которых нужно перенаправлять на определенные внутренние номера и наборот)2) провайдер подает на вход 7 знаков, а хочет получи...

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Outgoing PSTN Trunk Preference

Hi,I've setup a UC540 with 6x FXO lines using the addin VIC card. The 6x FXO lines have been split into 2 Trunk Groups.The client wants to be able to use 9 for dialing out on one group, and 0 for the other.I've setup the Outgoing Call Handling Prefer...

Thai region workarounds??

                 Hi All,We have recently set up a UC320W with a number of SPA303 and 301 phones. Quite happy with the system although we are having a couple of problems as it seems a region pack is not yet available for us over here. We have found th...

UC540 Auto Dial

Hello everybody,We have setup a UC540 at a clients office, and now they are asking if we can setup a Auto Dialer, so they can put a bunch of phone numbers and the system will call those phone numbers and read a small script. Basically like have the s...

Resolved! Call Queue Software Options

                   Hello,I have alot of customers in the medical field and have deployed UC500's pretty successfully.  Does anyone have any suggestions on call queue software that works with UC series really well.  The AA does a good job but if patie...

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Resolved! Phone resets in middle of a Phone Call

We have an UC560 with 12 SPA525G2 phones and a AP541 forwireless.From time to time when we are in the middle of a call the phone soft-reset, and then when the phone is rebooting it can't connect to the AP (it just "hangs" in the connecting to AP scre...