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Using UC560 with a SIP Server

I have an opportunity in which a client needs to interoperate with a SIP server and use the UC560 to route these calls over a T1 circuit. Here is the high level call flow.Call -> SIP Server -> (inbound) UC560 (outbound) -> T1 circuitI added the SIP s...


Hi,i would like to understand if Attendant Console Enterprise Edition can be one of the co-resident applications that can run on BE6K (9.0).The table “Applications Supported”http://docwiki.cisco.com/wiki/Cisco_Business_Edition_6000_OVA/OVF_Templates#...

UC560 Meet Me Conf

I configured several meet-me-conf extensions. The customer doesn't want to assign a separate DID for each conference, but we can't dial the extension from the Auto Attendant. Is there a reason the extension is un-dialble from the AA but works from a ...

moh over vpn to remote worker

I have a Cisco UC520 with an external source (using external port) for MoH (Music on Hold). The MoH works perfectly on handsets directly connected to the UC520. However I have a remote worker that is unable to hear any MoH and instead just hears the ...

stephen by Beginner
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Heads up on the Holiday shutdown

Hi All,Cisco will be shutting down for the last week of December, starting from 24th December. There will be very limited support during the holidays.Wishing you all a Joyful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!!! -Business Edition 6000 Marker Trial ...

sbommaji by Beginner
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Paging only works one way

Hi all, newbie to the forums here, apologies in advance if I missed any prior post relating to this issue. I currently have a number of identical set up at different locations, consisting of one SPA 504 and one SPA 502, running on the Broadworks plat...

SPA504G Production Run Problem?

I've got a problem with about 10 SPA504G phones with MAC Addresses that all start with A44C11.The phones will come up and grab a new config from our servers and upgrade their software to 7.5.2b.  Once they do that they reboot and then just sort of ha...

crowda by Beginner
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Cannot Create Custom Dial Plan

Going off the Configuration guide from this site, my screens differ on the Site build and I do not have the option to create a Custom Dial Plan.I am then forced to use 11 digit Extensions.  How are lower digit extensions built that do not have e194 n...

SingleWire Paging - Included in CUCM

Can anyone let me know how SingleWire InformaCast 9.1 basic paging will operate with BE 6K 9.1 when its released.  Meaning, can it run co-res as a 6th application with CUCM, CUCXN, UPM, CUPS, and say VCS?      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F89ubjcER...

Resolved! CUCM Business Edition 3000 questions

Hi,I have an environment (CUCME) that has these 2 phone models: 7962G and 7911.I want to know if I upgrade my environment to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition 3000I am still be able to use my phones to a new environment?According ...

Edson Vuma by Beginner
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