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Remote Users: ETA

With all of the new features and function of the new firmwares coming out, the UC300 is becoming a really great device.  However, I'm still waiting for the ability to connect remote users to a UC300 over a vpn.When will this feature be available?  Is...

UC540 with ASA Site-to-Site VPN

We are looking to setup a UC540 at 2 offices.  The main office will house the UC540, the remote office will have just the phones that will connect through the VPN.  We are using to Cisco ASA 5505 to establish the site-to-site VPN connection.  The VPN...

chris by Beginner
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UC520 and 560 Inter Branch Office Dialing

Hi All,   Thanks for any input on this.   How does one go about configuring two offices (one with a UC520 and one with a UC560) to do inter office branch extension dialing? The two office are currently connected on an MPLS network so they are able to...

milkboy33 by Beginner
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Tie 2 offices together

I assume the uc320w cannot do this.However what solution can do this?Customer has 2 locations with 4 employees eachCustomer wants phones to ring in both locations when someone calls the main number in either locationCustomer wants to easily transfer ...

UC320W-FXO-K9 voicemail disconnect issue

Hi,We recently installed the UC320-W-FXO-K9 and noticed that if a caller hangs up during our recorded voicemail message (so after the ringing is completed and the voicemail app has started, but before the user is prompted to leave a message) then the...

CUE keeps crashing

I have a UC540 running 25 or so SPA508 phones and a handful of SPA525 in conjunction with a SF300 24p switch.  The problem I am having is that all calls are routed through the auto attendant, and the VM system keeps cashing.  Everytime this happens I...

Conflicting License Information

Hey guys, I'm new to the UC500 series but I know the UC560 comes licensed by default for 16 users, as the output of "show license" confirms on my client's box:License Store: Primary License StorageStoreIndex: 0           Feature: uc-user             ...

Voicemail to Email Notification

I have a UC540, having the most terrible time getting voicemail to email to work. I have a server onsite, running Free SMTP Server. I can send a email from outlook express using this, so I know its setup right, using port 25 and the firewall is worki...

Adam44992 by Beginner
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