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Each user need a physcial PHONE?

I know it's 24 mailboxes, but we have a client who has 15 users, but only 3 or 4 are ever in the office. How do you setup the other users so they have an extension and it just goes to VM? In other words, they're not going to hang 15 phones out there ...

Data VLAN / Voice VLAN Issue on UC320

Hello,   I've got a strange behavior on the UC320 system where the phones get an IP address from the VOICE side DHCP server OK, but the phones reside in the data VLAN id.This behavior occurs when the phones are directly connected to the UC320, or my ...

dscherrle by Beginner
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Help! X shows on Phone Screen after boot

I have a Cisco 521 that is connected to a UC520 system.When the phone boots, it says initializing network, and successfully gets an IP via DHCP, but then phone just shows an X on the screen.Can anyone please help me troubleshoot this means?Thanks!

Display Anonymous calls SPA504G

Hello,In our VoIP environment we are using SPA504-phones.The problem is when a anonymous call is transferred the trace sees this as "Anonymous via accountA", but it is displayed as "Anonymous" on the phone.Is there a setting to see "anonymous via acc...

UC540 VPN connection with remote site

Main site with a UC540 anda remote site for a teleworker with a SPA525G2VPN server ans SSL VPN configured on the UC540The remote phone connect to the uC540 via VPN no problemNow I need to connect the remote PC to the UC540 so the remote Pc can access...

solutrans by Beginner
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