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Jabber for iPhone

I understand Jabber for iPhone is available for the UC560. Does anyone know how the licensing works? I can’t find any docs on it.Thanks in advanceMatty

mmoulson1 by Enthusiast
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FXO issue

Hi, I installed some weeks ago a UC320 system with 6 cisco IP phones (5 SPA303 and 1 SPA504G), 1 FXS, 3 FXO lines, 1 SIP line. Everything works fine, except the FXO line 1 that sometimes "freezes": on all phones it is showed like in use, the status o...

xantoma by Beginner
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WBPN and SPA Phones

Hi Guys,wondering if I can get some help or someone knows a solution to my problem.Have recently purchased 2 x WBPN adapters for SPA phones, upgraded the firmware on both of them and since the firmware upgrade from the Cisco website V1.0.1, they are ...

adamleahy by Beginner
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6961 display light timer UC540

Is there a way to configure the timer for the light of the display of a 6961?I'm using a UC540, with version 8.6.0, the phone firmware load is SCCP (which is the one that comes with the 8.6.0 pack).On the SPA500's there is a config option ...

SPA525G2 Firmware Issue

I need to upgrade my SPA525G to the latest firmware so I can use VOIP, whatever I try it will not update, I think it may have crashed during the process, how can I completely reset this, is their any possibility?Thanks

markbrads by Beginner
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BE-3000 not booting

We have procured one BE3000 unit (MCS-7890C1) few months back. When we switch it on, it displays Cisco Banner on external Display. Power LED is steady green and System LED flashes Red. After sometime, Cisco Banner disappers and reappears again and no...

kvekaria by Beginner
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Resolved! Options for Night Mode Forwarding

I have a UC320 set up at a remote location.  When we set night mode, all incoming calls are forwarded to one of two staff cell phones.  They run on a revolving schedule and sometimes it is subject to change. Currently I connect remotely and make the ...

jpjetlinx by Beginner
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Resolved! I can't connect BE3K with SPA8800

Hi all,I am trying to add a PSTN connection with a SPA8800 following the Admin guide,http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucmbe3k/8_6_4/system/BE3K_BK_C30C50F6_00_cucm-be3000-admin-guide_chapter_01.html#BE3K_TP_S16E1B61_00but it doesn't wor...

david.sua by Beginner
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UC520 8.6 bind commands breaking MWI

As some of you may know, software pack UC520 8.6 adds 2 bind lines in the config -voice service voip sip  bind media source-interface Vlan100  bind control source-interface Vlan100These above lines are required to register SIP based phones such as 99...

Resolved! Reason: Q.850;cause=63

Hi , I have a problem with fraud prevention (at least I think I have) When I perform debug ccsip messages I receive Reason: Q.850;cause=63. I googled it a bit and I found that it is part of Fraud prevention. So part of the configuration is like this ...

UC320W Caller-ID

I'm using only one SIP account (no analog lines) and I want to be able to send both the NAME caller-id and the NUMBER caller-id.  When I use the generic SIP account there is a field for Company Name, but this does not send the NAME caller-id.I also w...

Resolved! Incoming sip call forwarded through multisite VPN

I am trying to add an extention from a remote UC560 to a blast group to the local UC540. The remote ext (82108) rings, and can be answered but no voice traffic is heard on ether side of the call. If the call originates from a FXO port and not a SIP t...

gdamron by Beginner
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UC540 - Basic Telecoms Functionality

I am having some issues with some really basic telecom functionality on the UC540, can anyone comment?                   Set a different ring tone for a group call and an individual call – STAC are saying I need to give each extension 2 numbers – one...