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Resolved! UC540 at multiple locations

Hello,We have three offices within a city. And we will have one UC540 per site. The question is can I configure UC540 in the way that users from one office will be able to call users from the second/third office via VPN and vice versa. But each offic...

Resolved! 2.3.2 firmware download

Hi all,I've seen the release of the 2.3.2 firmware and wanted to download it to my computer to do the update but it's not in the "firmware download" resource for now. The latest vesrion is the 2.2.2 still.Is it possible to upload it there:http://www....

flamaison by Beginner
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CUPM - Profile Export / Import

The goal for our technology team and installation timeline would be to create a way to pre-build all Useage Templates, Site Data, etc. into a nice little package we could deploy as a starting point for all isntalls.  Then go back and modify the custo...

UPM Licensing Bundled with BE6000 - 9.0

    The guide states:Provisioning Manager Licensing The license file is part of the OVA image. This file allows you to manage: 1500 phones or voice terminals One Cisco Unified Communications Manager One Cisco Unity Connection One Cisco Unified IM and...

Licensing and Starter Bundles

Everyone -We struggle a ton in the customers that have 30-40 users in terms of BE6000 positioning.  We can't position the BE 3000 (another discussion, another time), due to limitations in the product and due to features/functions from our competition...

UC560 multisite calls not working intermittently

Hello, here's the setup:We have a PTP wireless connection (25Mbps) between 2 buildings about 150M apart. There's a router at each site connected to the antenna.site 1 :data vlan 1 (UC), gw (PTP router 1)voice vlan 100 192.1...

kpoon by Beginner
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CUE - Hang Ups / Bad Audio

I have an odd CUE issue.When calling the auto attendant from a cell phone and pressing * for VM access, most of the time it transfers (makes ringing noise), then hangs up.This works fine on "land lines".Occasionally you get through... but when you do...

danplacek by Enthusiast
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UC320w: support for Belgium

Hi,I replaced my SPA9000 which recently died and was working perfectly,with a UC320.I'm just using the 4 FXO lines, with 6 SPA508G phones.Main issues today:- Dial plan: I tuned the system on France which blocks calling local landlines. I need to use ...

fhelding by Beginner
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dial peer configuration for trunk selection

Hi,   I had extablished VPN connection between two UC56 and VOIP dialing is going on with in two offices. I need to extend the configuration for selection trunk lines from second site from first site to call outside office. What Dial Peer configurat...

CA missing for TLS security

Hi,if I use TLS for "SIP Transport" it works fine sending SIP messages. The problem is that the phone doesn know my CA certificate. It is ripe for a man-in-the-middle attack.Is any way to load into the phone (spa 303, 504g,...) the CA that we use so ...