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Resolved! uc320 should be cutting edge...

It would be really great is someone would come out with a "Small Business" phone system at an affordable price for small business.Small business seems to be left in the dust alot of times, due to their size.  They are expected to use older technologi...

shuotari2 by Beginner
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UC320w Call drop off after 15:04

Hi All,So we have had this VoIP setup now for about 5/6 months, and recently we have started to use BT meet me conferencing service, on every call to them the line drops after 15 minutes and 4 seconds.We do not have this issue on any other call.Have ...

SPA504G Speed Dial

Is the only way to program speed dial on the SPA504G through CCA, on unused buttons?  this would indicate a maximum of three possible speed dials.   The documentation for the phone is contradictory, suggesting that speed dials can be set up to work b...

aapexisinc by Beginner
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Resolved! Migration to BE 6000

                   Hello guys!     When migrating an exisiting CallManager 4 and Unity 4 to a new BE 6000 system, in terms of the exisitng users and voicemail licenses, does it is necessary to add the R-UNIFIED-CMBE6K part number equal to the quantit...

fuhrersk8 by Participant
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block specific incoming call number FXO

I try to block incoming calls from specific number on fxohere's what I did :voice translation-rule 11000rule 1 reject /**********/    (I enter my phone number)!!voice translation-profile CALL_BLOCKtranslate calling 11000!dial-peer voice 50 potsdescri...

datak2011 by Beginner
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Resolved! UC540 VPN to SA520

I am needing to vpn the UC540 to a SA520. I got the data vpn working through CCA but the remote phones will not come up because the voice traffic is not passing. Anyone that could give me a step by step how to do this would be appreciated.Thanks,

sweaver by Beginner
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UC500 B-ACD BACD reporting

Hi,How to display realtime logged in/out B-ACD agents and # of caller in Q status.  Seems we have to do "show ephone-hunt 50" to show the agent and the # of caller in Q sometimes shows up in the bottom of the 796x phone screen.   What about average q...