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How to enable HLog for B-ACD Hunt Group

We are using B-ACD for imcoming calls, the hunt group for BACD has 5 members. I want people to be able to login/logoff from this hunt group.I have this working with the DND button, but then the phone doesn't ring when the extension is dailed directly...

Brikers12 by Beginner
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BE3K Trunk with BE6K or CUCM

        Hello,   Is it possible to Create Trunking between Cisco BE3K and BE6K or CUCM 8.0/9.0,   such as at one branch CIsco BE3K and at other head office Cisco CUCM 8.0.  So, one can do internal VOIP calling through WAN connectivity?ThanksSandeep

Issues with SPA303-G1 phones

I have a couple of new phones that will not pick up addresses from DHCP. I started with 10 phones, eight picked up addersses fine, the other two did not. All were connected to the same port when being configured. Has anyone else encountered this issu...

UC560 PRI Channel utilization

Hi,I have a UC560 with a single T1-PRI and I am wanting to know if the UC series has any monitoring tools so that I can actively monitor their PRI utilization.  We believe that thier call flow is more than they expected but I am unable to find a way ...

SPA525G2 and WiFi Provisioning

Hey,We have been working with a SPA525G2 with the latest firmware version 7.5.3.We are trying to setup the WiFi provisioning through the cfg file on the voip server.Currently we are using the default file spa525G2.cfg to make our adjustments.So far a...

SIP/2.0 404 Not Found

Hye All,I have a set-up a Trunk-SIP b/w my UC540 and a softswitch.But out bound calls aren't working. I get the following messages:000531: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Msg/ccsipDisplayMsg:Sent:INVITE sip:789096120445@ SIP/2.0Date: Thu, 06...

Bethuelle by Beginner
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linksys ip phone spa922 disregarding MSS

I have a linksys SPA922 phone transporting SIP over TCP. Each particular SIP message is being carried in two of more TCP segments. When the TCP connection is established, the server announces MSS=1460 and despite of that, the phone is sending IP data...

Cisco SPA525G2 Resync Issue

Hi,     We are running firmware version 7.4.6 and in SIP mode with BoradWorks. The issue we are having is that when issuing a Rebuild File and Reboot from BroadWorks Device Management System, the 525 will reboot once and download the latest configura...