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Resolved! How do I configure 4 T1's with the BE3000?

We are proposing the BE3000 solution to a customer who has 4 PRI T1's, and the MCS 7890-C1 appliance only has 2 PRI T-1 ports. We are proposing a 2901 ISR at this site to terminate the other 2 PRI T1's. Can I have two of the 4 T1's terminated on the ...

UC320 Reload reason "SIP Triggered"

Hi All,Can I ask if there is a list of explanations for random UC320 reloads? I couldnt see anything in the manual. We have a customer who has experienced a few "SIP triggered" reloads as per the reload reason on their SPA handsets.. Id like a more d...

Regional settings for Basic ACD

Hi All,I have a Basic ACD configured, however when users are transferred to this group they get a US Dial tone, with a US attendant message say "all agents are busy"I'm in the UK, so the callers hear when they're transferred to the ACD as they get th...

Resolved! Call waiting hold music

Hi All,Hopefully a simple question with a simple answer!We have installed a UC540 for our own use.Is it possible to get callers directed to on-hold music if all the lines are busy / no answer.For example - I have a hunt group of 2 phones for receptio...