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UC560 & Comcast PRI

Hi,I have been tasked with setting up the UC560 for my small company and we are getting comcast internet and PRI trunking.I just wanted to make sure I get the correct model #'s with the correct options installed.  If anyone is using this model with C...

Roy_Hobbs by Beginner
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uc500 software pack 8.3

Hi guys,Does anybody knows when SP 8.3 will be released.It's supposed to be out for month now, last update that I had was "Early May", but we are now mid-May.One of our customer is waiting for iPhone support and we can only tell that it's been delaye...

Can't ping UC560 from Sonicwall

Hi We have a Sonicwall TZ210 as our firewall and a UC560 behind the Sonicwall.Issue -  I can't ping the UC 560 data VLan from the sonicwall. The UC 560 can ping the sonicwall. The sonicwall lan is plugged into the UC's WAN portSonicwall -

MOH Voicemails

I have a user who is getting voicemails filled with Music-on-Hold. Has anyone else ever experienced this?The problem is intermittent, so it's hard to troubleshoot...

danplacek by Enthusiast
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SPA50x phone BLF light not work

Inside of our SIP switch I have a parking lot with BLF capibilities.  The NOTIFY that turns on and off the light doesn't work on SPA500 series phones, however the same NOTIFY will work with the SPA900 series phones.Below is the XML inside of the NOTI...

Multisite feature list

     Hello,Does anyone have a list of Multisite features that will not work with multiple UC's.  For example will Park work accross sites?  Paging, etc..  I can't find info on what will and won't work.Thanks,      

mark by Beginner
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Initiate XML App via URL

Can an XML Application be started via url on the phone (SPA502)? (we cannot initiate a SIP NOTIFY)Or, can it be started automatically on a periodic basis?Maybe anyone has other ideas how to achieve the goal of having call history cleared on a regular...

rk by Beginner
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UC560 Remote Office 911

Hello Everyone,     I am looking for a little advice, I have a prospect that has two offices in the same town, most of the time I setup a UC560 at the main branch and connect the remote via WAN link and everything is good.  Obviously 911 will not wor...

mark by Beginner
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398 system configuration bug?

Just had to field a call with a client and this was the reason.when you dial 398 to get to the system configurator, you are prompted to enter your password. You enter your password but nothing happens. The prompt "should" tell you to enter your passw...

Can't create conference call using BE3000

I can’t create a conference call.  Some changes to the system were being made and after this conferencing was not available. I believe the error was something like “Can’t complete conference call”. *Partner Question on 8.6.3*

justrami by Cisco Employee
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