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Resolved! Placing the UC560 in an existing Network

Hello,I'm currently tinkering about how/where to place the UC560 in our network.Currently our site has PPPoE WAN connection via GPON (FTTB). A slim open source FW solution (pfsense) is currently used for:- pppoe dial-in, - NAT - Firewall ;-)- DHCP-se...

Topology options with UC320W

I am currently changing from UC520 to UC320W. My current topology is such:(7962 Phone)-----RV042---(VPN)----(Internet)--------[ASA]-------Switch-------UC520So my first quesion, can I create a SIP trunk and keep my ASA firewall. I would like to have t...

Adam44992 by Beginner
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Sip Inbound Failure

Hi,I have a SIP truck setup with some DID's.  Once second the calls will make it to thru two mintues late they will fail. It is very sporadic, can work for ten minutes or one hour.  I have made sure port 5060 on the firewall is open and I have enable...

Outbound Local Only Call Failures...

Today we ended up switching our T1 PRi. We got everything working BUT outbound local (only our local area code) calls. When we make an outbound local call, our Cisco phone rings busy and we see the following on the console:004571: Apr  3 11:57:57.219...

DECT & SIP Handsets supported

Is there any  way  to  declare DECT  mobile Systems in UC320  in SIP  mode , meaning NOT  using FXS port  (  native or via SPA8800) ?I  wonder if 2.2 release, with  the pairing  phones features brings this capacity  up  ?thx

New UC560 - Ringtones/Background issues - No Desktops/ringtones folders got created during Upgrade

Hello,we just received today our brand new and shiny UC560. I set it up in my lab environment and started playing around with it.First, I installed the CCA und performed a software upgrade from 8.1.x to version 8.2.0.Next I "skipped" thru the setup w...

UC520 - Auto Attendant not responding

I have a question, in the AA, suddenly when you call in to the company, we are unable to select the call tree in the AA.  Like 1 or 2 and so on.  This is inbound.  I have seen this before years ago.  I forgot the fix for this. It was working before a...

arenetsol by Beginner
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