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Lost admin password for SPA-941

Hi all,The short version: how to reset/disable admin password in SPA-941 phone?The long version:I have an IP Phone SPA-941 --- bought it on eBay with 'lost admin password'.  I've found somewhere on the Internet that it's possible to reset the phone t...

UC560 call monitoring

Hi to all,Previously: I had a SPA9000 with some other devices and IP Phones (more info is not not relevant). The thing is that when browsing to the SPA's IP address I could see which phones were making or receiving a call, the number they were dialin...

SPA504G Subscriber/Authenitcation Password

I am hoping that someone out there can help me.  I am trying to setup the other extensions (1-4) on the SPA504g phones in my office and I need the subscriber password for each extension.  The problem is I did not setup these phones and the guy who di...

venturi12 by Beginner
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Resolved! Feature Request: Force Night Mode Lamp

On the Phones (spa525g2), when I have a Force Night Mode lamp designated, it would be great if that indicated if the system was in night mode.At 5pm, or 8am when the system changes from day to night mode, the lamp does not change. So after 5pm, turn ...

shuotari2 by Beginner
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SPA525G proxy authorization

Hello,The problem is when we try to register Cisco SPA525G2 softswitch TSIP, we get the message: "407 Proxy Authentication Required"Sombody could advise how to configure 525G2 to send proxy auth.?Thank you very much.Andrey

kcgsupport by Beginner
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Adding 1 to all outgoing calls

I have recently set up a new SIP provider on a UC560 that requires all numbers be 11-digit numbers starting with a 1. Is there any good way to have an outgoing dial-peer to translate all numbers dialed without 1 to add a 1 and the same time if someon...

Resolved! SPA502G - Locked Configuration Keys

Hey Guys,Someone could be help me with one question about SPA502G.I have one SPA502G but when I tried to change SPCP to SIP the key is not actived and appear on the corner of the display a message Locked.Does anybody knows how unlocked this function?...

dsobrinho by Engager
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My 525G phones are 1 day ahead

Interesting problem.  All my phones except my 525g have the correct date and time (via NTP).  This was noticed yesterday when they displayed Feb 2nd, rather than Feb1st.2 Other customers have the exact same issue.  We are running 7.4.8 on the phone. ...

UC560 DSP Capacity

I want to know if the UC560-T1E1-K9 includes from factory enough DSP to handle the E1 and the 4 FXO ports?I´m quoting this appliance to a customer who is migrating from a UC50 due to the user licenses capabilities.Any help will be appreciated.Regards...

gviamonte by Beginner
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Resolved! restrict access between vlans

Hi, UC540 (running patch 8.2 and cca 3.1)default voice Vlan is 100 (172.16.1.x)data Vlan 1 (192.168.1.x)guest network Vlan200 (192.168.2.x) - will be accessed from wireless ap only Right now, anyone connected to vlan200 can access devices on vlan100 ...