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Resolved! Time 3 hours off on new 7965G, why?

Hi everyone.  I just added a new 7965G to my UC560 system, everything went fine in CCA.  Upon registering though, the phone's time is off exactly 3 hours (behind).  I'm sure this is a time zone issue, but, all my SPA phones are showing the CORRECT ti...

SPA9000 firmware

Hi, I notice that the EOS/EOL document for the SPA9000 shows OCT 30 2011 as the final date for a maintenance firmware release for this product. As the last release was in 2008 is there a scheduled 'final' release in the works?

UC320w and Remote Desktop Connection

I have a brand new UC320w setup and prior to this installation I had Linksys WRT54G and I was doing some self-study Windows OS with remote desktop (RDP) into a test machine used for studies. However, after installing UC320w I can no longer RDP into o...

techiegzz by Beginner
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UC560 FXS port included or not?

HiI have been looking info for UC 560 and I have some doubts regarding FXS ans licensing in order to incremente the amount of user.Regarding to FXS porst, some documents states that 4 FXS porst are included, others just say about FXO ports, I want to...

Resolved! Can audio codec preference (and transcoding) be manually configured on the UC300?

I'm looking at spec'ing our first UC300 project, and before I recommend that the customer choose the UC320, I'd like to know whether we can configure it for G.729 only?  Due to the low bandwidth applications that we work with, we configure all UC500s...

Data bad shown with a spa504 and 3cx

Hi,I have some spa 504 7.4.6 and 7.4.7 fimrware devices. All of them running with a 3cx  software with a epygi quadro isdn gateway.When a customer calls us, this info is shown(exacly):From: my own numbercustomer´s numberWhen I say "my own number"is t...

Feature Request: New Topology Option needed

The other day I could not get my system to update the time.  I called support and found that the ntp is hard coded into the system and it needed to have a WAN connection for getting to the NTP server.I was told by support that I had to have a live IP...

shuotari2 by Beginner
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CCA 3.01 Crashes Uc540 randomly

I have seen this about 5 times or so now.  Every once in a while I open CCA 3.01 my system and it crashes my phone system.  I have software pack 8.1.0 and the IOS image is UC500-advipservicesk9-mz.151-2.T2 adn CME version 8.0.3.  Locale is US English...

uc500 and spa942

I am setting up uc500 to work linksys spa942.I got them working as far a in and outbound calls.I am struggling to get one important feature to work and that's voicemail.the uc cue works fine becuase I can call it from a 7961 phone.when I call voicema...

nguyentom by Beginner
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