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Local Dialing w/o Area Code

So as of recently (last 6 months or so) i've always been setting up the UC5xx's with CCA.  Simply becuase of the support requirements. That said I try to avoid CLI when possible.  I've seen that when I touch certain things in CLI they become inaccess...

SPA8800 Setup

Does someone have a link to the document for setting this up with the UC500?  I had it before but can't find it now.

jcarter by Enthusiast
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QOS on UC540 eth ports?

Have a customer with a small UC540 system. 4 users in the office, all with SPA525G2's.  All have Mac's on their desk connected to the PC port on the 525's, all phone ethernet lands directly on the UC540.  Also attached to the UC540 ethernet is a mac ...

ambleside by Beginner
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Resolved! Voice translation rules

Hi;We have UC520 which is connected to analog central.I have connected 4 extensions on FXO ports. When extension 111 calls ip phone 1 rings. 112 calls ip phone 2 rings and goes like that.The problem is when I use ip phone 1, outgoing call is using an...

muratg7777 by Beginner
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SPA509G - Paper Labels

Hi All,Just wondering if their is a 'nice' way to go about making use of the four buttons with the paper labels on the SPA509G.  I've used the 7931 and found a nice little template thats a word document that allows you to print out users names.  Very...

jcartier by Beginner
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