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SPA 525 Custom XML Softkeys

All,Cannot find an answer to this so thought I would ask on here!We are currently trying to get a door entry system working that pushes a feed out in either H264 OR MJPEG OR as a standard video call, we can access the feed from a simple HTTP site tha...

UC560 - SIP does not work

Hello,I can not configure my SIP account OVH on UC560.My account works with the software Zoiper (see image config).My account does not work with Cisco UC560 (see image config).If anyone can help me to understand and configure properly.Thank you in ad...

nicolas95 by Beginner
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spa504g and wip310 echo

Hi,I´ ve a epygi isdn quadro gateway and 3cx phone system. wip310 upgraded the firmware to latest and 504 to 7.4.6.Sometime, I´ve an echo only at my side, I can hear my voice twice,1-2 seconds delay. This occurs not always and not with mobile or norm...

Sip Trunk to Cube

Hi,I have the UC520, and i am changing my voip provider, with this new provider, the sip trunk is different, the provider said to me that the SIP Trunk is the CME to CUBE , how can i configure this?Tks

Webex Phone Connect

Who do I contact for Webex PhoneConnect support.   When I try to login with CCA after 3.0 it says it can;t communicate with phoneconnect database.   Webex sends me to cisco,  and cisco TAC sends me to webex.  Neitherside has any idea what this featur...

dharig by Beginner
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Office Manager 1.2

We are very new to the Cisco Community and the UC500 series product.I have noticed one particular road block is training key operators how to program phones for speed dials and phone directory's etc...We do not want to give them much more rights than...

aldobson by Beginner
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Hi Guys,I am wondering, since DMVPN and rip is capable on the ios that is on the UC 500, why wouldn't we want to use that instead of the crypto map vpn?  In a full mesh this would be so much less coding.  You can still do easyvpn or sslvpn on top of ...

CHRIS YEO by Beginner
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UC500 IOS doesn't load

Hi,I am having troubles with my UC500. The IOS doesn't load at startup and i can only get in the rommon mode. This happened overnight. One day it all works the next day i power  UC500 on the IOS fails to load.I have attached the log of UC500 when it ...

525G Video Monitoring

SetupUC540 Software Pack 8.1.0525G Software Version 7.4.6PVC 2300 Firmware I go throught the Video Monitoring Wizard - no errors. But from the Phone, when i go to Video Monitoring - I see my camera but when i press monitor ... nothing hap...

pgirard77 by Beginner
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