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UC500 hunt login watch

I just installed a new UC560 for a small call center operation.  There is one bacd created for a group of five users.  These users need a button that allows them to see when the others are logged into the bacd hunt group.  I know I can set a programm...

rwshaheen by Beginner
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SPA525G2 7.4.6

I am attempting to upgrade several SPA525G2 phones. All report "Illegal Image File" when I attempt to load spa525g-7-4-6.binThere is a single image file for both regular and G2, correct?Is there an alternate download site?

ambleside by Beginner
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Resolved! SCC Advanced

Hi All,We have a potential customer that would like to use the SCC Advanced Client in softphone mode, i.e. in an office environment without any handsets. Can this be achieved and are there any limitations discounting the fact that they will require h...

Office Manager Questions

I have a few questions regarding the OM tool:1)  I've only tried using OM 1.0 on 2 systems and each one had an odd thing happen after I'd opened and closed it. Both systems had their system message default to " Cisco Unified CME" instead of the compa...

Resolved! UC520 cme 4.1 upgrade to 8.5

Hi there,I'll appreciate if someone can help me getting answered few technical questions on UC520. I've UC520 CME 4.1 and want to use 9971,7975,7925G telephones. I think i need to upgrade to CME 8.5, but i don't know if i can upgrade to 8.5 directly ...

sajjad808 by Beginner
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SSL VPN problem 8.0.2

I have a strange problem.  We have a UC540 running 8.0.2 with SSL VPN enabled.There is a 525G phone that connects remotely.Every few days or so, the VPN stops working and phone does not connect.  When I try to connect from a computer, it tries to est...

custom ringtones and distinctive ringing

Hello,can't get subject to working.I successfully turned on distinctive ringing (admin/advanced, tab Phone, Ring Tone, in one of textinputs n=<alert info>;w=3;c=3). It works fine.But I can't achieve that with my uploaded ringtones. I tried to name up...

BUG SPA525 fw7.4.6 LDAP, manual DNS

when 'DNS Server Order:' is set to 'Manual,DHCP' and 'Primary DNS:' is filled with an IP addressand the primary DNS does not reply/work the LDAP lookup fails, it does not try to contact the LDAP server (when using a hostname, when using an IP address...

info by Beginner
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