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Changing LEDs

I am trying to have the LED colors/blinking change on a Cisco 509g with latest firmware.I cannot get any of the line LEDs to change from their default on any of the 12 keys.I am entering "c=a;sd=nb" for example without the quotes.Any ideas?

Huntstop Question

Hi,I'm trying to get up to 3 incoming calls to the front desk (using a 504G) and still be able to do a consulted transfer on any of the calls.  Here is the config I am trying to use:377 is a blast group to answer the call in the event the receptionis...

Resolved! SPA525G2 - Time Format and Call Progress Tones

Hello.Can any one advise how I can change the date format from MM/DD to DD/MM - we'd prefer the UK format.Also, does anyone have the settings for UK tones instead of US ones?Documentation on both of these features is quite lacking.Finally, is there a...

SPA525G SSL VPN to ASA5500 Firewall

I have a UC520 phone system and need to support more than 10 teleworkers with SPA525G phones.  The phones connect via SSL VPN to the UC520 fine, but I'm having difficulty connecting the SPA525G phone with SSL VPN to an ASA5510 firewall.  Has anyone b...

NISSA_2 by Beginner
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Resolved! Spa9XX compatability with UC540/560

I have a client that has 10 or 11 of the Spa9XX phones in use presumably with Asterisk. I had hoped to bump the current vendor by dropping in a UC560 and save the day. The current vendor is proposing add IP phones to the other digital system they hav...

Single Number Reach Question...

This may be the feature they're talking about in the next releaseCCA 3.0 , but here is the scenario..Phone setup with Single number reach to cell phone.The call goes to phone then to cell phone, but the cell phone's voicemail picks up causing the cal...

pgirard77 by Beginner
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VPN ID settings on SPA-942

Does anybodu know if its possible to configure VPN ID on SPA-942.For example if the  customer has two separate VPN (VPN ID1 and VPN ID2) and wants his computer to  run over VPN ID2. Is it possile to configure the SPA-942 to communicate over VPN  ID1?...

UC500 Dynamic Routing With DMVPN

I'm in the process of deploying several DMVPN remote UC500 sites with a 2921 router head end. I ran this design past the SMB support folks, and they agreed it would be a good solution. The reason for using DMVPN is its capability to build dynamic spo...

jcarr by Beginner
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uc520 keysystem questions

I am searching for a replacement for an existing key system, and am interested by the uc520, but I have a few questions:Is it possible to configure the UC520 in a keysystem configuration and use a remote FXS ATA to serve an analog line to a fax machi...

Resolved! CCA support for voice gateways

I know that there are already commands in CME 7.1 and later for configuring the VG200 voice gateways. In addition, there is already a document describing how to integrate the SPA8000 voice gateway with the UC500 located at https://supportforums.cisco...