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Hunt Stop Channel Keeps asserting itself

Anyone else had this problem?  At one point, extensions got shared.  That as a mistake as the phones were dual-line.  Went back to normal.  Now when changes are made to "Voice", the lines get set back to shared.  If they are set back to normal, hunt ...

ambleside by Beginner
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CUE Administration Message Notification

Using CCA tool 2.2.5 withCisco Unity Express Admin version of 8.0.2.Customer needs the following scenario deployed.   UserA message notification is set for "pager numeric".UserA is paged and calls in to get voice mail.  This scenario works fine.Custo...

tknapp by Beginner
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Caller ID on an analog device

Hello,I've an analog device (Siemens Gigaset Sxx) on an FXS port of an UC500. Our customer wants to see who is calling him. The Siemens Gigaset device supports to present the caller id. Maybe an dtmf or fsk problem, or support the uc500 no incomming ...

New UC560 reboot on any call through fxo/fxs

We have a new UC560 and upon initial configuration, it started rebooting almost everytime a call comes through either an FXO or an FXS port.  Internal calls work fine and CUE is working fine.  I have upgraded the IOS to version 15.0(1)XA3a (that come...

thawkins by Beginner
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Resolved! UC560 B-ACD Problem

All,We are testing the new platform of UC500 Series – UC560-BRI-K9. The device running this version of IOS: Version 15.0(1)XA and Call Manager Express 8.0.Everything looks fine, but there is a problem with the B-ACD functionality. We configured this ...

Mailbox setup not working with UC520

I have a newly deployed UC520 that I've setup from out of the box, obviously my first deployment.  I've got everything working except for voicemails.I have the mailbox set as 101.  I've created everybody's voice mailbox. When the users hit the messag...

jnix by Beginner
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Call Recording Software

Hi,A client of ours is looking for a fully fledged call recording solution (i.e. for a small call centre scenario) whereby calls are recorded automatically etc. (i.e. so something better than LiveRecord). Would you know of any Cisco and/or third part...

joe.borg by Beginner
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UC520 and RVS4000

Our current configuation of using a UC520 behind an RVS4000 router is giving issues.The WAN port of the UC520 is plugged into one of the ports on the 4000.We have a data LAN that is plugged into another port to a switch.We are only using the 520 for ...

Voicemail/AA gives fast busy

I am working with a new UC540 install.When you try to access the voicemail or auto attendant from the phone, you get a fast busy.I ran some debugs while this was happening.I tried to call the voicemail extension 280.Here is the one thing that stood o...

jcarter by Enthusiast
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SPA 9000 Random Reboots

Hello,My SPA9000 recently has just started rebooting at random times, will the reboot occurs all handsets go offline. No idea what is causing this, I have attached the point in the log file in which the reboot occurs. Anyone got any ideas?

nicmulder by Beginner
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