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Large UC5x0 installs?

Hi,I just wanted to get feedback from people who have large installs 50 -100 phones with a UC 5x0 system. I wanted to know any lessons leanred, challenges, or things you would have done differently; including going to a CUCME instead.I wold also like...

bjames by Enthusiast
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Overlaid Ephone-dns with Rollover Buttons

In the example below can I apply one main # to follow this path? So all calls coming into 555 555-1000 would ring button 1, then they would softkey to get to the 2nd and 3rd call on button one, then the call goes to button 2 etc?> Overlaid Ephone-dns...

Resolved! UC540 Delay Sending Digits

We've installed a Viking RC3 to handle remote door entry with the 540 product line.    Right now the Viking answers and then waits for the Cisco to enter digits, but the Cisco has already sent them..  I need it to wait to send the digits to triger th...

Low Audio GSM Gateway

Hi All,I have a customer who is using a Hybrix GSM Gateway on the UC540. The issue is when calls are routed through the gateway audio is very low and the called and calling party can barely be heard.When calls are routed via the BRI interface audio i...

Single Number Reach

Hi All,I have a customer who is complaining that when he answers his mobile phone his desk phone continues to ring when configured for SNR. After referring to lab 26 of the technical enablement labs I noticed snr 201 delay 5 timeout 30 cfwd-noan 400....

spa525 phonebook issues

SPA525 phones with fw 7.4.6 do not seem to resolve phone numbers into names using the phone's directory but use the call history instead. (It only searches the address book when it can't find the number in the call history.)i.e.: A call comes in from...

Problem with OM through VPN

Hello!You said that Office Manager (version must work through VPN, but when I tested this feature, I have a problem. This problem is the following: once the application is associated with UC and was able to read configuration, sometimes i...

svpetkova by Beginner
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Group paging not working

Hello,Using SPA9000, 400, 9xx, 5xx, I am unable to group page from SPA phones. I have made a speed dial as pagegroup, paging serv -- yes, auto answer page -- yes, preferred audio device -- speaker, phone multicast address -, spa9...