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UC540 and ESW520

Hi,I have a UC540 and an ESW520-24P connected with a smart port.When on the LAN or WiFi I can manage both the UC and the ESW.From VPN however I can only manage the UC. I cant ping or browse the ESW.The ESW is and the UC is, ...

UC500 PVDM and E1 limited

Just reviewed cisco uc 560 datasheet and got 2 questions,does anybody can answer my questions ,thanks.1) How many PVDM on UC560-T1E1-K9 by default?2) Does UC560-T1E1-K9 with "VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1=" support maximum number of one E1/T1 data and two PRI voi...

crazy_521 by Beginner
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Resolved! UC560 outbound call stats

What is the easiest way to collect and display outbound call stats on a UC560?We have an outbound call centre of 10-20 staff and our CEO wants to see big screens with nice charts/large numbers of calls today/calls in the last hour/etc.I appreciate th...

Resolved! Transfer key doesn't work on FXS ports

Hi everybody,The problem I have is: I can transfer calls from an analog phone connected to an ATA186 pressing the "R" key, however, if I connect the same phone to whatever UC's integrated FXS ports I only can transfer pressing the flash hook button, ...


Please i dont understand what is wrong, i configured a default static route on mySR520W router, it appears when u show running-config, but when u show ip route, its not on the routing table, please can someone help me? what am i doing thats incorrect...

Cisco SPA-50X with Broadsoft ACD

Has anyone successfully used the ACD functionality to log in/out of a Broadsoft Call Center?Seems that the only way to accomplish this is with SIP-B. Had little luck with Polycoms + SIP-B as well, but the newer "feature syncronization" method works w...

bgottlieb by Beginner
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Resolved! Using a Speed Dial to access GDM

I wondering if its possible to create a speed dial and assign to a button to access a GDM.   Today, when someone needs to access "General Delivery Mailbox" they must dial voicemail, enter their mailbox ID and password; and access the GDM.   I have cr...

brunellej by Beginner
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by Not applicable
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creating a mailbox on fake ephone-dn

Hi guys,Just wondering how I do this? I have calls coming in from sip trunk to ephone dn 20 which has a number of 520. I have night-service bell enabled which works fine. During the day it forwards to ext 511. However, currently when calling it says ...

UC560 connecting to another network

hi! allI am facing a problem. I have installed a uc560 in customer site. they have two separate networks. one uc560,s 192.168.10.x and another their private network 192.168.1.x. I have connected uc560,s wan port to their private network as their netw...

herts2201 by Beginner
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