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Office Manager - Install Error

I've been trying to install the Office Manager 2 Beta, but keep running into the following message at 30% completion: "Error Reading Users"After 5 to 10 minutes the install eventually times out and I get the following message: "Unable to Communicate ...

Alex Rae by Beginner
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Resolved! multi party video conference

Hello,I need to know if you can have multiple participants in a conference display video with the CUVA cameras and UC500? I've had a request to quote out a video conferencing solution. My background is UC500 only, and I'm having difficulty deciding i...

SHeidemann by Participant
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I was wondering if I set up a SSL VPN on UC520 on a non-default port, say 44300, where do I enter that information in on an SPA525G? Loooking into this option as as the system is currently setup the certificate presented by an internal server is thro...

gstreet by Beginner
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Resolved! Phone Registration

Hi All,Is there a way of registering phones other auto-registration or manually adding the mac-addresses. Can you register phones on the fly by entering a registration code followed by the extension number on the phone.Steve

Manual Call Forwarding to After Hours

I have a UC560 that has an auto attendant setup to receive incoming calls to a main number.  I have an after hours AA that is hit on holidays and weekends automatically.  That works fine.  The customer had a fire alarm the other day and had to leave ...

jgoforth by Enthusiast
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Resolved! SPA525G Line Config with SPA9000

I have an SPA9000 with 3 VoIP lines and the 4th is connected to a PSTN line through a SPA3102. I just purchased a SPA525G phone and I would like to setup 4 of the lines on the phone to connect directly with the 4 lines on the SPA9000.  That is to say...

chrisguy by Beginner
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Resolved! Best Practice when changing IP address

Hi All,I'm running the latest CCA, CME on the UC500 and would like to change the Voice, Data VLAN addressing scheme post implementation. As I'm am new to the UC500 I am running scenario based labs to see what would happen.The UC500 is connected to an...

Another newbie question

Ok, this UC540 is pretty cool.I created my first Prompt, used x397 to record it, use x398 to listen and react to it, and it all works pretty well.Here is my next question, which has already been addressed on a previous discussion, but I am starting i...