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Resolved! SPA 504G no admin access to phone web interface

I can't seem to get the option to edit the phone configuration via the web interface of the phone.  I go to http://<phoneip> but do not get the admin or advanced option on the top right that i see in documentation.  The reason i am trying to get ther...

ericdolton by Beginner
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UC500 Failover

Has anyone setup UC500 Failover between two locations? What works and what doesn't? Pros and Cons? Would it still work with extension mobility?Scenario are unit itself goes down, voice lines go down, and/or data service is down.Looking to set this up...

mantis32 by Beginner
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UC540 SSL split tunnel

I setup SSL and an able to connect. I am not able to get split tunnel to work. It appears when I do a trace route from the client I am going to rather then my internal IP on vlan 1. I see the correct config in CLIwebvpn install svc flash:/we...

UC520 crashes/stops responding

Hi AllI have a very weird problem. At a site we have a UC520 up and configured which runs just as supposed for a few hours (sometimes up to 9-10 hours), and then stops responding.Traffic goes trough fine, but telephony stops working, no longer respon...

Warm Transfer using Cisco 7940 phone

I am the IT Manager for a call center that handles a lot of  sensitive issues.(Suicide and depression issues)  We use the Cisco UC560  with Cisco 7940 phones.  We need to be able to get a third party on the  line and then disconnect while leaving the...

Resolved! SBCS Support - help needed?

For the last 4 days I have been having significant hold times (over an hour every call) getting anyone in the SBCS support team to respond or even return my call back pleas. Does anyone know if there is a way to submit a case online? Even my little c...

Re: Caller ID issues - Mexico

Hi Alberto i'm having similar issues with caller ID here in mexico, my telephone provider is Telmex and i can figure out the way to get the called Id working. Can you help me with this? I have selected european Fsk in the spa400 and in some calls the...

Resolved! Problem with caller ID

Hello,We jsut recently switched from Comcast VoIP with an analog handoff to Verizon POTS lines. We didn't have to change a thing in our config. But now, all incomming calls have a caller ID of 9911? What could this be?I confirmed that we have caller ...