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Resolved! SBCS Support - help needed?

For the last 4 days I have been having significant hold times (over an hour every call) getting anyone in the SBCS support team to respond or even return my call back pleas. Does anyone know if there is a way to submit a case online? Even my little c...

Re: Caller ID issues - Mexico

Hi Alberto i'm having similar issues with caller ID here in mexico, my telephone provider is Telmex and i can figure out the way to get the called Id working. Can you help me with this? I have selected european Fsk in the spa400 and in some calls the...

Resolved! Problem with caller ID

Hello,We jsut recently switched from Comcast VoIP with an analog handoff to Verizon POTS lines. We didn't have to change a thing in our config. But now, all incomming calls have a caller ID of 9911? What could this be?I confirmed that we have caller ...

Phone Loads

I have got Cisco-520  with 16 user license and I  am going implement IP telephony in our environment for the first time.I have few pre-implementation questions1. I saw in the specification that this model supports all latest models of Cisco IP phones...

SPA9000 & SPA400 - Basic questions

I have a few questions regarding SPA9000 and SPA400 box.1) Is there an EOL for these product coming soon? How reliable are these product in compare to UC500 products.2) Which ITSP is recommended by Cisco, or has done an interoperability with (I have ...

UC520 and SSL VPN

Can I get an office Cisco answer to the question "Does the UC520 support SSL VPN".  I know there are quite a few post on this site, info on cisco.com and the web, but they all  seem to contradict each other.