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Can the UC320 do failover for incoming & outgoing calls from FXO or FXS to SIP if FXO/FXS lines go down and also vice-versa (if SIP goes down failover to FXO/FXS)?If so is this automatic or is there a manual process?Thanks.

How do I access the SPA 303 admin webpage?

How do I access the SPA 303 admin webpage?http://ipaddress/admin/ does not workIn the phone the “security configuration” menu option “web service writable” is set to NO and I can not change to YES. The paddle lock icon is locked and I can not change ...

oextreme1 by Beginner
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XML Directory Limit

HelloI'm using an XML file in a SPA303 phone and it has been working fine until last week I added some phone numbers to the xml. I want to know if there is any limit so I can input more than 100 entries. Can you help me please.RegardsEnrique

How to configure WIP310 phone??

I have a Cisco WIP310v2 phone and I want to configure it as extension on my organization. It's only a LAN with an Asterisk server, the parameters are: - Asterisk IP: - Extension: 303 - Secret: secret1 My problem is that this phone has so...

aleskimal by Beginner
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UC540 Radom Choppy Voice issue

I have a customer with a UC540W-BRI-k9, which I installed several years ago. It uses ISDN for voice and an EFM connection for data. Everything has been relatively ok with this unit until the beginning of this week. After changing the IP addresses of ...

Resolved! SPA303 Firmware fail

Noob alert. This is the first time I've tried to upgrade f/w so be gentle. My phone is at 7.4.5.  DTMF isnt working for in-call key presses (like keying in a code for telephone banking), forums suggest firmware. In any case 7.4.5 is old and should be...