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SPA504Gs lock at 'Initializing Network'

Hi guys, this is a really odd one that's not cabling-related.  I wonder if anyone's seen this before or has any thoughts.I have set of SPA504G's that I'm trying to install on a LAN using PoE.  The network seems fine, DHCP works fine for other devices...

8851-K9-V09 with Auerswald 6000R

Hello,we got some new IP Phones CP8851-K9-V09 and I want to get them connected to our Auerswald Commander 6000R.Somehow this doesnt work at all because it keeps telling me (after reset ofc.)"Verify your service domain and internet connectivity and th...

DavidrTL by Beginner
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Resolved! Spa504G Alert-info problem

Hello, I recently updated some spa504g phones form 7.1.3 to 7.6.2 firmware and I now the phones doesn't accept the Alert-info value in the SIP Invite.When the phones was on 7.1.3 I can set distinctive ring on it using the Alert-Ïnfo value on the SIP ...


Hi, I’m a novice to phone systems and have installed freePBX and Cisco SPA504G phones with Sipgate basic package. We have 4 phones, and one number, as we are only using Sipgate basic there is no trunking option from freePBX so each phone is set to ta...

Resolved! SPA525G2 Compatible Bluetooth Headset

Would appreciate any views on bluetooth compatible (preferably over the ear) headsets for the SPA525G2 IP phones which allow you to initiate and answer calls using a button on the headset rather than having to answer (in particular) by pressing the h...

Resolved! ATA 191 Adapter Configuration Utilily

I am able to log in to the GUI via the IP address and default ID/PW. I am not able to see the quick configuration and network configuration to set up my phone for it's purpose. It's like it's only displaying the read only options of Voice, Administra...

SPA122 Caller id for Tiscali (ITA) Provider

Hello, I have a problem with my SPA122 configuration with the Italian provider Tiscali.The out coming calls work fine, but for the in coming calls, the phone ring, the audio is ok, but the caller id is not displayed when the phone ring.The provider s...

dwnf.fm76 by Beginner
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SPA525G Bluetooth headset audio issues

When I use a bluetooth headset with my SPA525G, there are two huge problems. First, the audio is scratchy, dropouts, etc. Second, when the call starts, the person at the other end says I sound like I'm under water.  After 10 seconds or so, it starts ...

dshea by Beginner
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Hello, I have a 7945 phone whose time is 1 hour late, other phones on the CUCM have the correct time but this particular 7945 displays wrong time. I have deleted the phone and added it again, reset the phone but issue still persists. Kindly assist.

Resolved! Intermittent Phone Connection

We use two Cisco SPA525G phones for our business. After several months with no issues, one phone suddenly began having connection issues a few days ago. The lights all turn orange for a few minutes periodically throughout the day. The wired connectio...