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Cant make conference calls

Hi all, I've a problem and already checked the config - I think - like a previous discussion on this forum  and until now I cant make a conference call with two outgoing bri calls.When I try to establish the conference the UC500 says cant complete th...

AA for disabled users

Hello,I have a customer who is in the Home Health industry and they need their AA to be accessable for callers who are physically disabled.Right now, they have a bunch of options for callers; press 1 for this and 2 for that, so on and so on. But if a...

UC520 BRI doesn't answer

Outbound calls from our UC520 work fine via a single BRI interface.  However when I make incoming calls I get number unobtainable.  I have logged a fault with BT and they say the line is fine.  I have a single BRI interface in the ALL_BRI trunk group...

ardenta by Beginner
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Multisite Dialing

I setup multisite dialing using CCA2.1.  When I dial the other site, after it rings for the specified number of seconds, it transfers the call to the remote site extension's voicemail.  It says this user does not have voicemail setup even though they...

jcarter by Enthusiast
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transfer to international #

Customer can tranfser to any North American number just fine.When trying to transfer to an international number it drops the call right in the middle of dialing the numbers.Any reason for this, or a command to control that?

7bridgesol by Beginner
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CUMC on UC500

What is required to enable mobility on the UC500, such as enabling BlackBerry/Nokia users? I only found info on the CUMC with CME, but cannot find any info or app notes on using CUMC with UC500. Do I need separate CUMA server?

john by Beginner
  • 10 replies
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CCA 2.1 Nat issues

Hi AllIm having major issues with CCA2.1 when trying to Nat ports to an sbs server. I have tried this at a few different sites and most of the time the change wipes out the PPPOE internet connection. Sometimes I can log in using version 2.0 and repai...