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Swapping a 7940 phone

Hello,I have a customer that has a defective 7940 phone and I would like to replace the phone.  Is there any procedure to do it so that we do not loose the voice mail settings (Unity Express) etc.  The longer way is to add the phone as a new extensio...

Configure SIP with CLI

Hi!I'm trying to get the UC500 to work with our SIP providers. Since I'm in Sweden I can't use the fancy preconfigured SIP providers.I can't get it to work when doing it in the CCA 2.0. I wan't to se exactly how it's setup and if it registers with th...

m.junghage by Beginner
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Unified CallConnector- Dial Plan how-to?

I just installed Unified CallConnector in our Windows XP, make call with internal number was OK, but when try dial any other number such Local, Local Plus, National, National Plus..., which I have defined with UC520 I always get busy tone.It seem tha...

tuandatnv by Beginner
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Resolved! New coverged line for UC520

Gentleman and Ladies,This past year we bought a UC520 with 4 analog ports for our office.  The unit is configured and running nicely.  The contract on our T-1 is currently up and we are looking at possibly moving to either a PRI or SDSL or something ...

dcomdan by Beginner
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Resolved! 7925G Push to Talk (PTT)

Is there any way to configure the 7925G's PTT on UC520 for directed, point-to-point voice call as opposed to group paging? Much like the functions you get with Nextel / Mike handsets?

john by Beginner
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WIP 310 Part numbers

This is a FYI.I had a query regarding buying a WIP310 .Seems there are three part numbers you can order;If you are offered WIP310-G1, WIP310-G2 or WIP310-G4, the G1/2/4 are related to the power adaptor;WIP310-G4 is AustraliaWIP310-G2 is EuropeWIP310-...

Resolved! International Fraud

We recently upgraded one of our clients UC520 to 20T2 and now they were recently notifed by their ISP (Cbeyond) that there has been some International calling from their end.    Here is the dial-peer for all incoming callsdial-peer voice 1000 voipdes...