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busy voicemail

I have a UC 500 system in place. The customer mentions that when they forward to VM, they sometimes get a busy signal. Whether the person is on the line or not doesn't seem to matter. Any ideas on why this would be happening? Thanks!

PRI and fax

Hi,I setup a customer with a PRI card in their UC 500. Very straightforward. One question, I have is how does FAX work with this? Do I just connect the fax to one of the FXS ports or do I need to have an analog line into one of the FXO ports? Is ther...

UC 500 QoS issue

Hi all,I have been working under the impression that the UC 500 voice vlan had QoS applied so that voice traffic was priortized. However, I am going through acceptance testing with a client and they have found that if they do certain things on the ne...

AA and operator

Is there a way to have an operator answer and then forward to AA during certain times? For example, if the operator goes to lunch or it is the end of the day? This is for the UC 500. Thanks!

Resolved! make all phones ring?

Hi,I am setting up an AA. I have different numbers going to different extensions. I would like for 1 of the extensions to ring on every single phone so that it can be picked up by whoever is available. Is there a way to do this with the UC 520?

UC 520 - change voice system type

Hi,Is there a way to go from pbx to key system and back without having to reset the device to factory defaults? I selected PBX on the one in our office and would like to try it as a key system without losing all the data configuration.Any recommendat...

Resolved! UC 500 questions

Hi,I have a potential customer who is setting up a small helpdesk. I have questions along those lines. With the UC500, can you setup escalations so that if someone has been onhold for a certain amount of time an alert can be sent or another line rung...

500 express configuration archive

Hi all.I tried to backup the configuration of a 500 express switch, just in case of a failure and replacement event.I used network assistant 5.2, but the backup always fails. I suppose it is not a firewall issue, as I put my PC on the switch manageme...

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