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UC540 Main Number alternate answer phone

I have a conundrum.  I have a main extension that is set to the Auto Attendant but I would like to have the Office Admin to be able to trap the call if he can before the call transfers to the Auto Attendant.The Auto Attendant is on a hunt group 1 and...

mholzer54 by Beginner
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UC540 Door station

We have a UC540 with the FXS analog inputs configured as user phones.  We call a call blast group setup for pilot # 8000.When the door stations go off hook the line rings but does not hit the 8000 blast group.Where is do you program the number to dia...

chriswk01 by Beginner
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Resolved! The BE6K system status LED is amber blinking

Dear All, My customer has installed an  BE6K , but now the BE6K system status LED is Amber blinking. From the UCS C220 document , the amber blinking LED means the server is in a critical fault state, for example, boot failed, fatal CPU and/or bus err...

chenchunbo by Beginner
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IP Phones are not working

All 3 of our phones, Model # Cisco IP Phone SPA 525G are not working. We can get a dial tone but we cannot hear callers and they cannot hear us.  We share an office with another doctor and they use the same modem, router, etc. but with a different ph...

MWI on SPA514g w\ Asterisk

I am using SPA514g (7.5.2) phones with Asterisk (Elastix) and am having a problem keeping the "Message Waiting" setting set to "Yes".When this option is set to "yes" voice mail's light the MWI light as expected.The problem is when I make a change in ...

CallManager 6 License migration

Hi Guys!!We have just purchased a new BE6K server for my company and we are planning to install and deploy it in the next week.We already have a BE5K  version 6 .I want to do a fresh install of the BE6K using the old DLUs of the BE5K.I am not sure ab...


Hii have to change  the power supply  of cisco BE 6000 where my CUCM  is installed how can i stop cucm correctly  

Resolved! SPA525G2 time / date format

Hello, We recently bought a SPA525G2-EU phone, which is running firmware 7.5.6c. Date/time is displayed as "07/22 01:44p" , which obviously don't suit us. I can't find any option to modify this format, is it hidden somewhere ? Thanks,Arnaud.

SPA303 screen saver not appear

hi, In my SPA303 I have downloaded à picture, I can see it when my phone reboot.When I activate background picture I can see it every time, and I see it in screen saver mode .I want see the picture only in screen saver mode , I déactivate background ...

serge.v01 by Beginner
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Incoming Calls Failing

I have been trying to configure a SIP trunk to work on my UC520 and outgoing calls are working just fine, but I am having no luck on incoming calls. I assume there is an issue somewhere with my access list configuration or the firewall. I tried disab...

mchurch01 by Beginner
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