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SPA525G Bluetooth headset audio issues

When I use a bluetooth headset with my SPA525G, there are two huge problems. First, the audio is scratchy, dropouts, etc. Second, when the call starts, the person at the other end says I sound like I'm under water.  After 10 seconds or so, it starts ...

dshea by Beginner
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Hello, I have a 7945 phone whose time is 1 hour late, other phones on the CUCM have the correct time but this particular 7945 displays wrong time. I have deleted the phone and added it again, reset the phone but issue still persists. Kindly assist.

Resolved! Intermittent Phone Connection

We use two Cisco SPA525G phones for our business. After several months with no issues, one phone suddenly began having connection issues a few days ago. The lights all turn orange for a few minutes periodically throughout the day. The wired connectio...

UC560 Unity Express attribute error

I have a UC560 that was working fine, but after a power outage the CUE module just says “Voicemail System is Unavailable. Try again later.”  When I session into the module and do a show run, I see the error below after the config finishes scrolling: ...

35977B20-E289-4849-885C-7BE0544E7866.png 27A94A63-DCF4-451C-8610-11819ACAAF15.png ABB3EE28-3A2B-45F8-81C8-136BAAE34AD8.png

CME - 7821 unable register

Hi AllI have problem with the of the SIP IP Phone 7821. Unable to registering in the CME. This is TFTP event:Router-CME#*Sep 10 18:15:08.105: TFTP: Server request for port 49210, socket_id 0x7FE007985558 for process 604*Sep 10 18:15:08.105: TFTP: rea...

IP Phone Question

We have SPA504G IP phones and would like to copy the Personal Directory from one phone to the other phones. I have researched this, but was not able to come up with anything. Can someone please help? Thanks! Bruce

Barbee by Beginner
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Client Auth for SPA504G over HTTPS?

Hi all, So I am at my wits end with this, maybe I am missing something, so I hope someone can point out something I am doing wrong or if this is a bug. So firstly, my problem, I am trying to get some Cisco phones setup with remote provisioning over ...

Castile12 by Beginner
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Resolved! LDAPS for SPA5xx or 88xx

Hello,is there any possibility how to use LDAPS or LDAP over TLS with SPA5xx or 88xx phones? The only method I can use is a digest MD5.But I need to secure also data in LDAP session (not only credentials).I'm using the latest FW.Best regards,     Jak...

jakub.zima by Beginner
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Bought a Cisco CP-8841-3PCC-K9= and has an Enterprise FW on it what should I DO ?

Dear All ,I bought a Cisco 8841 phone and its delfinidiny a 3PCC phone , the box the label the sticker , BUT The FW on it is the enterprise version.and the phone was NEW in its box even with everything was packed as they should be , so I am confused ...

SPA525G2 - Little Sign of Life Today

I awoke to my trusty SPA525G2 showing little sign of life this morning. Hadn't even gotten to the recent firmware update; it's been running 7.6.2SR5 since early last year. As of this morning the screen is black, the Message Waiting Indicator is a slo...

auleesj by Beginner
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