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Looking to Pay Programmer

Is there anyone I could pay to help setup my CP-7975G IP Phone to work with our VoIP Provider? I have tried so many different version of firmware and configuration files I just can not get it to work. I've spent countless hours testing many different...

SPA504G softkey visibility

Hi All I am having issues with the softkeys on an SPA504G - SIP mode connected to and Asterisk serverI have reprogrammed the keys extract as below.As per the documentation,but I don't see some of the keys Examples:In Idle - I dont see the last 3 - gp...

MARK CASEY by Beginner
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SPA504G Subscriptions timing out

HiI have 14 SPA504G with the SPA500DS connected to a generic Asterisk systemEach phone is configured with the Unit Key Configurations belowIf I restart all the phones and do a core show hints, I see each of the hints with 14 watches (after it all set...

How to create a SIP URI speed dial

Hi - I would like to set up speed dials to SIP URI's (as opposed to a phone number).Does anyone have an example of how the URI is specified in the web config screen and whether I need to then include a dial plan to handle the 123456@xxx.xx.com URI. T...

Call Waiting Feature not functional

Hi There, We have an IP Phone model SPA525G and we've been having trouble getting the "call waiting" feature to work. I've gone to user preferences on the phone and toggled the call waiting feature on and off multiple times but we still cannot get a ...

call forward all to external number isn't working

hi guys,i have run debug on the phone system to find out why the cfwdall feature isn't working, but i can't figure out why. this is the log from debug voice ccapi, i looked all the lines carefully and it looks like it matched every single dial peer w...

TY08 by Beginner
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Lync 2013 and UC-540

Hi I configured Lync 2013 and UC to work together. As one of the last steps I wanted to configure SNR on Cisco so that when desk phone is ringing also Lync client rings as well. It was straight forward configuration on UC - on Lync everything is defa...