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bo liu

BE3000 outgoing calling number

i use be3000 to call forward all to a PSTN number

but if a PSTN number call the extension with call forward all

the call will fail ,the same with no answer and busy

the reason is when the PSTN number is forwarded to another PSTN number

the ISP will drop the call because the call is calling number is not DID

how can i do for this ,i means how can i change the pstn number to the DID when the call will be forwarede to another PSTN number

and anther question

i use SPA8800 to connect the analogy phone,and the be3000 connect a e1.

the phone will go to e1 to PSTN

now i can dial local 8 numbers phone and locall area code + 8 numbers phone

but i can't dial 0+11 numbers phone (like Mobile telephone) ,the number is Long distance mobile phone

like the picture

in the picture the 9048 is analogy phone

and the long distance home phone is ok

the 133111... is the long distance mobile phone is fail

but in ip phone all of the call is OK

bo liu

And ....

which URL is the User Preferences Interface

i want config the reach me anywhere but i can't find where the user login....

1. Please provide more details. What is the BE3K software versio and what is the country pack? Have you configured DID on the user page for the user who is forwarding the call?

2. Please provide information on which country pack is it? Also please collect from Monitoring - Diagnostic page. Enable detailed traces, make call to the number which fails, disable traces, download it and send it over.

3. Reach me anywhere is enabled on Usage Profile page. Then each user can configure it under user User Option page. Global settings for Reach me Anywhere, like timer settings etc. can be configured on Reach Me Anywhere option.


Use http:///cucmuser to access the users preferences screen.

This will forward to an HTTPS link requiring the user to accept the BE3000 certificate.