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BE6K 9.0 BOM questions


I am working on the BOM for BE6K 9.0 with redundancy and need to clarify few things please:

1) I don't see SKU for CUP redundancy and unity connection HA. In 8.6 there was a SKU to order 2 copies of CUP (CUP-86-UWL) and SKU for UnityCon HA (UNCN8-VMWARE-UWL)?

2) VOIP-IPH-UWL (Cisco mobile client for iPhone): Is this the correct SKU for Jabber for iPhone?

3) So the UCS servers comes with factory installed virtual machines. In case of redundancy (top level SKU: BE6K-MIG-BDL) how does it work? Will it be something like below:

  • UCS server1: CUCM Pub,CUC Pub, CUP Pub, UPM and VCS installed
  • UCS server2:  CUCM Sub, CUC Sub and CUP Sub installed

4) What IP addressing will be assigned to pre-installed ESXi host and all virtual machines? Will we need to go through painful process of change IP's on both ESXi hosts and all virtual machines?

5) CCW says BE6K is on NPH until 09-Jan-2013 does that mean if we place the order now it won't be delivered until Jan?



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BE6K 9.0 BOM questions

Can someone from Cisco please respond to my original post above? I need to finalize the BE6K 9.0 BOM this week as customer wants the install to go live before christmas!


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BE6K 9.0 BOM questions


Let me try to answer your questions:

(1) According to the ordering guide:

"There are two options to order redundancy or high availability - you can order one starter bundle and add a secondary Cisco UCS C-Series Server (or a Cisco Media Convergence Server [MCS]) or order two starter bundles. The ordering tool will not allow you to select more than one starter bundle. You must order the second bundle as a separate major line item in the order."

So you should get all the required licenses by ordering two bundles.

(2) Correct.

(3) The VMWare machines are pre-loaded (except for the CUxAC as this OEM software), but not yet pre-installed. You'll have to choose which VMs you want to power up, based on your needs and the supported co-residency rules.

Your config above should work.

(4) For UPM there is a specific OVF template where you have to enter the config elements via the console. For CUCM and CUC you'll have to go through the installation process (as far as I know).

(5) Regarding NPH: All 9.0 SKUs are on NPH as is customary with new SKUs. Expected lead-time for 9.0 is 21 days.


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BE6K 9.0 BOM questions

More info about the implementation can be found on the following DocWiki:

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BE6K 9.0 BOM questions

I would like you to take a look at some of the resources/SKUs/BOM information that we have put at:

BE6000 Program in a Box link at the landing page.

Migration strategy and upgrade options are going to be formally released soon where the new SKU ( BE6K-MIG-BDL) would show up..