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Blank user voicemails on UC540 ?

Has anyone had an issue with users receiving blank or dead air recordings in their voice mail box?

Our customer has a UC540, an ESW, and softphones.  A lot of users had this isuse, then we replaced the ESW switch for other reasons ( bad ports) and now only one user is having the issue.  Sometimes she receives "messages" that are blank- no sound- just air.   I have no idea where to even begin... I dbl checked that her DID was listed in her user. It is an intermittent problem... most msgs are fine.  I PRAY it is not another bad port on our 2nd ESW or anything bizarre.

ideas? anyone else see this?


Steven Smith
Rising star

How do the messages come in?  Are they SIP, PRI, FXO etc?

Do you ever get complaints of AA not having audio?  When they call voicemail, do they ever not get audio?  I don't think an ESW would cause this problem.  What version of CUE are you running?

This is a UC540 on a Cbeyond SIP circuit.

The AA seems to be running just fine.

No one has complained of not hearing their vm box menuoptions....just receiving blank messages.

They are on CUE 7.0.



How long are the blank messages?  This doesn't sound like an ESW problem because the users never hear the problem with CUE message options, but do hear it only in recordings.  So, it could be a couple of different things.  People leaving blank messages, CUE not recording all messages, or an audio issue over the trunk.

That is where I would look.  You might try leaving a blank message or two to see if that looks to be the issue.  How long are the blank messages that are left?

The messages are pretty long - I have one example saved that is 40 seconds long.  Could be a real message, could be  aperson answering their other line and not disconnectng?  I could see that happening once or twice, but this is pretty often and most users had the issue. Then only one reported having it last week.

Now they want to talk to me today with " more information from other users". yikes. might be an issue for most users again. I will find out and let you know. I will also verify that they can hear their own mailbox options...

Once I have those answers, I will need more direction in 'where to look' as you mentioned in your post. I already had Cbeyond check their circuit and Cbeyond doesn't see any errors. I don't know where to tell them to look if we still suspect them. Does a message have identifiers that you can debug? or do we have to try to re-create the issue?

more soon...



The client did not have any issues of blank messages to report today.  Either users quit telling them or it's not happening any more...

If anything changes, I'll continue the posting.

I go on site Friday to test everything with each user...time will tell.


I'm having the same problem with a UC560.  Every other voicemail message that users are receiving via e-mail have no sound.  They forward the attachments to me, so I see it first hand.  Is there anyway to troublehshoot this?  This is becoming a big issue for the users.  Thanks.


Just yesterday we've begun to narrow down our specific issues to certain "spam" callers...  Certain numbers were repeatedly calling the users and the voicemails. All were dead air....upon returning the calls, the customer described them as prank or perverted messages. Cbeyond found that they were Skype numbers and is blocking them.

Is your install NEW? on a SIP circuit?  Maybe this is what your'e seeing as well ?

New install, about 2 weeks old.  They connect to the PSTN via a PRI circuit.  It happens to even legit voicemails, I've seen it myself.  The wave message are as long as the voicemails, but just dead air.

New install, about 2 weeks old.  They connect to the PSTN via a PRI circuit.  It happens to even legit voicemails, I've seen it myself.  The wave message are as long as the voicemails, but just dead air.

What version of CUE are you running?  How frequent is the problem?  Do you have any no audio problems on PRI calls that do not go to CUE?

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